With Celtic trailing the Huns by a massive 1 point on the last day of the league. Huns are counting their chickens before they come home to roost. And come to roost I assure you they will. After the abuse, threats, attempted attacks and letter bombs that Neil Lennon has had to endure in the run in to this league, it would only be justice that Celtic lift the title. And the title they will lift, I assure you. However, if in the unlikely event that justice does not prevail and the title doesn’t come to Paradise, then Rangers must be stripped of the title. The silence from the Orange Lodge, the Huns, even the Church of Scotland has been deafening. The mealy-mouthed response from the SFA has been inadequate to say the least.

The pressure that has been foisted on Neil and Celtic as a whole must have had a harmful effect on them, however capable they are at dealing with such abuse. Anti Irish abuse has been a fact of life for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and beyond Irish has not been sectarian. I have written about this before. I’m not called a tattie munching bogwog because I’m a catholic. I’m not catholic. I just happen to be 2nd generation Irish. Neil Lennon is 1st generation Irish and it is because of our genes that we suffer abuse. Not because we’re catholic. It is not sectarianism. It is racism and as simple and disgusting as that. If it was sectarianism then they would abuse most of their own players. Davis is Irish but racially or genetically he is Scottish. Or he has renounced his Irishness in favour of Britishness. That doesn’t make him a traitor as the inbred arseholes accused Aiden McGeady of when he chose to express his identity by playing for Ireland. Oh and let’s be clear, he plays for Ireland. Steven Davis and Neil Lennon played international football for a plastic state that exists only in the minds of morons.

So hear it now and have me on record. We shall overcome. We will win the league today. We deserve it and we will win it. When the Huns have deserved to win the title I have gone on record in this very blog that they deserved it.