September 2011

I got my camera back today for very little effort, proving that time waits for some people and that patience is a virtue. There are times when strike while the Iron is hot has been my way of doing things. But age, reason and a very sore leg have taught me how to be a more patient man, but one with a plan. So so we can improve the old adage by simply adding three words at the end to read, “time waits for no man without a plan.” 😉

First picture taken after I got it back. Pity about the subject. All good things come to those who wait. Justice always prevails (Well nearly) when the government are not involved. Altogether, I’m actually up on the deal because of other W.I.P. which when wrapped up made me up on the thing. Not by much mind you but enough to give me a satisfied feeling and a big smug smile on my face.

All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

Beidh ár lá linn! lá amháin Mo Chairde, lá amháin


I speak of Frankie whose surname mustn’t be mentioned for now. – the guy that stole my Camera and who’s Brother Robbed my 75-year-old Alziemers victim with very poor mobility and other health problems. The good cop in their sick good cop bad cop game they play.

Anyway, he shows up at my front door late last night like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. But the daft cunt can’t even lie properly. I’d love to see them in a police barracks or cop shop. They would sing like canaries and I know it for a fact. I said “Fuck of man , you stole my camera fucksake!” He says “What camera” or “Did I fuck”. Something like that anyway. He then goes on to say, and I paraphrase, “That’s came fae Gayle and Kimberly talking on the phone ‘cos *bleep* tried to sell Kimberly the camera”. Bad liar Frankie. He goes on “I wisnae even in yer kitchen last night” I had told him it had been stole out of the kitchen when he was in and I was calling him back out while I was inspecting the damage to the Garden Shed Box. He took ages coming out and he complained that I had used his real name. Why are you worried about yer real name being used if you havnae done anything sunshine? Maybe he’s worried the polis will strike him off the payroll for being involved in criminality? And more pertinently *bleep* wasn’t in the kitchen or vicinity so how could he have stolen the camera? “Eh oh eh oh.” “Just fuck off and don’t let the gate hit yer arse on the way out.”

Last night the brother of the beast who attacked me in my home and tried to rob my 75-year-old Mother who has severe mobility problems, tried to break into my garden box last night. The neighbour interrupted him. But I noticed after that he stole my camera while I was inspecting the damage. For legal reasons I have not mentioned his brother’s name but I can mention his older brother’s first name which is Frankie.

This family is a blot on the Lanarkshire landscape and need liquidated. You are not your brother’s keeper and as he condemned his brother’s actions when he beasted my 75-year-old mum who is an Alzheimers victim on top of her mobility problems and her heart valve, I still spoke to him. “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”. However I can’t possibly have any of them near me again. If it was up to me the two of them would be executed.

I think that’s all I can write at the moment and stay within the Law.

After the case, no matter the result, I will tell all that happened so the world will be able to know that his brother is a beast who robs 75-year-old Alziemers victims who have severe mobility problems and a multitude of other health problems. Basically the vulnerable. In short they are bullies.

What comes around, goes around.

I’m not against the Not Proven Verdict despite the bad press it has had through the ages. That is only because the media manipulates what verdicts are newsworthy so we only here about the really bad ones. The “get out” option for the jury so they don’t have to decide. But on this occasion there was no decision to make. He is guilty. He’s on telly assaulting him. The jury can opt to remove the racist element. But they didn’t want to because they wanted John Wilson to get off with it. To them he’s a hero because they were an Anti-Irish jury. I challenge any of them to prove me wrong. As for Brother Wilson, he admitted the crime. But he said he didn’t swear or call Lennon a “Fenian”. That leaves the question, what did he say? “Hello Mr Lennon would you mind terribly if I attacked you?” Did big nasty Neil refuse to sign his dick with his autograph? Or worse still, did a hearts security man lie under oath in court and say he heard one of his own call Lennon a “Fenian Bastard”. Very unlikely. The following is nearer the truth.

Hearts FC Racist Attempts to attack Neil Lennon

Hearts Racist Attacks Irish Neil Lennon

This just shows that Scotland is racist to the core. The 80% so-called Protestant population in Scotland has shown that it is still Anti-Irish racist, not just institutionalised at an establishment level, but from the grass-roots all the way up. A horrible septic boil that needs lanced, lanced desperately. Because after the attacks on Celtic supporters and Neil Lennon and his family last season, it shows Scotland up as anti-Irish as it always has been. If nothing gets done then Scotland can stay British as far as I’m concerned and I’m off to anywhere but this racist hole. That will no doubt please the east coast Anti-Irish Racists but this country will be on a slippery slope to times worse than the Thatcher years. You will have nothing. Nothing but Gerry “Irish Tosh” McNee and Celtic Football and Athletic Club and possibly Hibs will be your only saving grace. Yet you, most of you, are hell-bent on driving them out. Shame on you Edinburgh, you have finally put paid to the myth that Anti-Irish Racism is a west coast problem.