Last night the brother of the beast who attacked me in my home and tried to rob my 75-year-old Mother who has severe mobility problems, tried to break into my garden box last night. The neighbour interrupted him. But I noticed after that he stole my camera while I was inspecting the damage. For legal reasons I have not mentioned his brother’s name but I can mention his older brother’s first name which is Frankie.

This family is a blot on the Lanarkshire landscape and need liquidated. You are not your brother’s keeper and as he condemned his brother’s actions when he beasted my 75-year-old mum who is an Alzheimers victim on top of her mobility problems and her heart valve, I still spoke to him. “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”. However I can’t possibly have any of them near me again. If it was up to me the two of them would be executed.

I think that’s all I can write at the moment and stay within the Law.

After the case, no matter the result, I will tell all that happened so the world will be able to know that his brother is a beast who robs 75-year-old Alziemers victims who have severe mobility problems and a multitude of other health problems. Basically the vulnerable. In short they are bullies.

What comes around, goes around.