From BBC.

Two men who sent suspect packages to Celtic manager Neil Lennon and two high-profile fans of the club have each been jailed for five years.

Trevor Muirhead, 44, and Neil McKenzie, 42, from North Ayrshire, sent devices they believed were capable of exploding and causing injury…

In every report from the media these idiots have been painted as just two dafties or in there own words a couple of “hillbillies”. That the devices they sent were not going to go off. So by the same logic, if I go into a bank and hold it up with a replica gun, then it wouldn’t be treated as armed robbery? On top of that, if I believed the gun to be real and loaded with real bullets, I would be treated as just a poor misled fool? That’s not even the most outrageous outcome of this case. What has shown Scotland up to be an institutionalised Anti-Irish Racist province of Britain, is the media reporting of the case. The devices sent to Cairde Na hÉireann’s office on the Gallowgate has hardly been reported at all and, only when it has been, it has been as an afterthought. This is clearly a racially motivated hate crime. It should have been treated as such and the that part of the charges should never have been dropped. If the Procurator Fiscal fails to appeal this verdict and sentence on these grounds, then it too will have shown itself up to be complicit in this endemic racism.

Football is not sectarian. It is Anti-Irish Racist and has been since 1875 when Hibs came on to the scene but when the Glasgow Club set up to put food on the tables of the poor of Glasgow, the establishment did not like it one bit and they needed a team to beat the new upstarts. That onus fell on Rangers and the football authorities did everything they could to help the establishment team, Rangers, to beat the taigs and everything they could do to hinder Celtic. It was Hibs that pioneered the way, and Celtic have a lot to be grateful to them, for being even allowed to play in the League as it was then. When Celtic won 6 league championships in a row, the pressure on the establishment team intensified and when Celtic won 9 in a row and the most coveted Cup in club football, the European Cup, the pressure on Rangers intensified.

When David Murray came on the scene and Graeme Souness revolutionised football in Scotland, it has now come to light that they were able to buy their success by dodging the tax-man and so Rangers title’s since Murray’s stewardship have been tainted. That is if you go by the same nonsense that Celtic’s Title this year, is tainted as some bigots insist, even though Celtic will win by at least 20 points, 10 more than were deducted from Rangers anyway.

The media in any country is the key to general opinion in that country. Control the media, then you control public opinion. It’s quite obvious from our fourth estate that they are Anti-Irish Racist. It is them that drives opinion in this province. It is them that mould Scottish society and it’s been moulded into a hateful Anti-Irish racist society.