November 2012

There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism. Nothing at all. And Managers should be able to take it and they should be able to answer it. Lennon’s quoted in BBC Sport like this,

Lennon was barracked by some Celtic supporters near the dug-out during the match.
“I understand supporters’ frustrations,” he said. “If they’re not happy with me and want me to go, I’ll go, simple as that.”
The Celtic manager described his side’s recent home form as “unacceptable” but said he was vexed by some of the criticism.
“The lack of patience shown by some people baffles me at times,” he added.

Obviously, in the heat of the moment, both fans and Lennon can say things that can seem beyond robust, but given a few hours to cool down, I think we can all appreciate the the magnitude of Lennon’s job at the moment. He’s a victim of his and the team’s own success. Ironically, if Celtic were out on our arse, by now, in Europe, there wouldn’t be as much passion and expectation from us fans and we would probably have taken defeat by Inverness CT on the chin. Let’s not forget, we are still top of the League and if anyone thought that results like this would go away with Rangers, they are deluding themselves. Other teams are going to step up to the plate and give everything they have against Celtic. They only have to raise their games 3 or 4 times a year now instead of 6 or 8. Every game Celtic play, we are going to have to just live with that fact and simply overcome it. That’s what we are doing. What we must not do is spit the dummy out and shout abuse at Lennon when he is clearly feeling it too. I should also add that I believe he does understand that fans are frustrated at these times — it’s what sport’s all about after all — but he shouldn’t take it personal when, in the heat of the moment, fans give him verbal. He should leave the ultimatums out. He knows fans don’t want him to go. It’s bad for the team and supporters’ morale if people take things personally and ultimatums like the one quoted are given.

It’s in all our interests to continue to back the whole team, Lennon and all, and drive on for unprecedented success. Some fans might argue that the backing the fans have given him in the past is proof enough that they back him but it was hardly difficult to do, given the circumstances. Let’s just put it behind us and move on. Like adults.

With the match against Hearts now about to kick off in under an hour, I’m feeling confident we will take this opportunity to quickly put our recent SPL form to bed and get back to winning ways…

Yes, Newsnight screwed up, but let’s remember who the real victims are – and listen to them – Comment – Voices – The Independent.

I couldn’t agree more with this article and strongly recommend reading it. It articulates my thoughts  exactly so there’s no point in me writing another one.


Tipping is not optional:Family locked in restaurant by staff after refusing to pay gratuity after bad service | Mail Online.

Fucking bollox it’s not optional. You don’t tip the bus driver but we tip a taxi driver. When I done charity work voluntarily, I was rarely tipped when doing house clearances. You don’t tip the gas man or any other workers that do work in your home. The restaurant at Wishaw Golf Club keep the tips and use them to help pay the staff wages. In other words, the staff don’t see the tip anyway. That restaurant is not alone. Restaurants should pay a decent wage and tipping is for when staff have provided service over and beyond the usual. You should also ask if the tips are shared among the staff equally or whether the staff keep their own tips. For example, if the food is crap but the service is good you wouldn’t want to tip the chefs for the waiting staff‘s service. And vice versa.

On top of that, if the food is sub standard, you can refuse it and pay only for the replacement, assuming the replacement isn’t sub standard. You can demand a refund for dishes that were sub standard. Most decent restaurants will not charge for dishes that are sub standard as goodwill gesture even if you ate it.