I’m a political ex-activist but due to ill-health have not been active since 1998. I support Celtic Football Club, the best club in the world. I support them despite the PLC and I hate John Reid. These new age football fans who never went to games in the pissing rain on a Wednesday night before the “soccer boom” will not stay around forever. All ticket matches at venues that are not even half full are killing football and taking it away from the working class community who sustained it during the hard times. Indeed Celtic PLC has abandoned any pretence of representing the working class people decades ago. Season tickets deprive the most deprived people of the opportunity to watch their favourite club, be it Celtic or Scotland‘s Shame FC.

But despite all this, I still support Celtic.

My political views are internationalist socialist and republican. I support Sinn Féin in Ireland but have no illusions about them. I do however believe that they offer the only viable route to solving the national question and their politics are progressive enough to call for my support.

In Scotland there is no political party that adequately represent my views. However, the SNP and the SSP, before tommygate, shared my support. Solidarity (the party) is nothing more than a tommycult. Currently my support goes to the SNP.

I care deeply about world events and am strongly against the neo-imperialism of USA and its British lap poodle. The USA’s actions in Latin America is nothing short of disgusting and it is shameful that most Americans are blissfully unaware of the what their Government has done in their name. The inevitable recession that the US will drag us all into still won’t wake them up to their folly.

Apart from that, I’m an average guy who respects his fellow human beings no matter their race, creed, sex, sexual orientation or even political views. I’m no pacifist not by any manner of means. I believe the revolution is like a fruit on a tree. It’s no use just standing and waiting on it to fall into your hands. Sometimes you need to give the tree a shake.



9 Responses to “About Dilzybhoy”

  1. big dave Says:

    ‘right man, lost ur number. Going 2 Dropkick Murphys, if ur interested gies a shout. Keep the faith, davie

  2. johnny Says:

    ur a bit of a character you speak your mind
    love your web page

    ps. rob the bruce was a sly cunt slipy bastard let others do the work and he got the credit it should be some unknown wee fella up there on that horse reminds me of that other fucker eamon de valera

  3. steadfast Says:

    Support of a group of child murderers is wrong no matter how much you tart it up.

    Your day has come.

    Rule Britannia!

    1. dilzybhoy Says:

      So you don’t support the British Army or the US Army or any other army for that matter? A Pacifist? Fair enough.

  4. "Brad" Says:

    Solidarity Comrade,
    From the midwest USA, What are your thoughts on the CIRA and RIRA?

    1. dilzybhoy Says:

      I believe that the armed campaign is over. Anti GFA republicans such as RIRA and CIRA fail to offer any viable alternative to the GFA. Even INLA has admitted now that the armed campaign is over – A decision that has gladdened me because I have a great deal of respect for the IRSM.
      Whilst it is important to have voices of dissent, I believe it should be constructive. That’s not to say that SF hasn’t indulged in similar mudslinging. Politics can be a dirty game sometimes. It’s a shame because the republican cause is fundamentally right but reunion with the rest of Ireland will not solve the island’s problems. The business class will still rule us. What’s the point in replacing Stormant with Leinster House if they will still shit on the working class all the same? The only difference is that it will be Irishmen with a different accent who will be shitting on the working class communities of Derry, West Belfast and North Ballymena.

      1. "Brad" Says:

        I notice “Che” is your avatar, Did Che ever give into “social” democratic capitulation?

        How many fighters From The INLA will be joining those still fighting, of which the numbers grow ever day and the PNSI is more in fear of. A people can never be defeated, if you’re a comrade you should know that. If you’re not a comrade, don’t use that avatar.

        How’s that job market doing in the north? Socialism is coming.

  5. dilzybhoy Says:

    Brad, Where I have I endorsed capitulation to social democracy?

    All I’m saying is the criteria required for a successful guerilla campaign are no longer fulfilled in Ireland. Though it is my own judgement, Che’s own writings have endorsed my position. As he and I share the same influences and in fact he himself is one of my influences then I will use the avatar and no one, not even Aleida Guevara, will make me stop using it.

    You only have to go to the second page of the first chapter of his book, “Guerilla Warfare” to see this.

    “Let us first consider the question: who are the combatants in guerilla warfare? On one side we have
    a group composed of the oppressor and his agents, the professional army, well armed and
    disciplined, in many cases receiving foreign help as well as the help of the bureaucracy in the employ of the oppressor. On the other side are the people of the nation or region involved. It is important to emphasize that guerilla warfare is a war of the masses, a war of the people. The
    guerilla band is an armed nucleus, the fighting vanguard of the people. It draws its great force from the mass of the people themselves. The guerilla band is not to be considered inferior to the army against which it fights simply because it is inferior in fire power. Guerilla warfare is used by the side which is supported by a majority but which possesses a much smaller number of arms for use in defence against oppression.
    The guerilla fighter needs full help from the people of the area. This is an indispensable condition.
    This is clearly seen by considering the case of bandit gangs that operate in a region. They have all the characteristics of a guerilla army, homogeneity, respect for the leader, valour, knowledge of the ground, and, often, even good understanding of the tactics to be employed. The only thing missing is support of the people; and, inevitably, these gangs are captured and exterminated by the public

    When Che went to the Congo to export the socialist revolution there he found that it was not possible and had to leave them to it themselves because of the sectarian or tribal nature of the conflict there.

    Until the religious sectarianism is dealt with, either by living with it without conflict or by eradicating it, there is no hope whatsoever of a successful insurrection in the six counties. Look at the free state. Is that the republic you expect us to fight for? No thanks mate.

    So when the conditions arise that allow the working class of six counties to unite, then and only then, will an armed revolution be possible if indeed it is needed. Until then, all the armed groups will just be bandits like ONH have become.

    Now in any conflict, it is sometimes helpful to have some psychopaths in the ranks and indeed, political armed conflicts attract their fair share of psychos. It is to these bandit groups that the psychos will now go to for the political smokescreen they enjoyed when involved in genuine guerilla warfare.

    It’s because of this the SF are held culpable for not taking care of ex-volunteers properly. It was one of the reasons Brendan Hughes rightly fell out with SF leadership when he called them the Armani Suit brigade. If SF had not simply dumped their less articulate but bravest volunteers and instead provided for them post conflict, instead of what some refer to as peacetime soldiers, then the situation would not have become so bad.

    How is the revolution progressing in Springfield by the way? 🙂

  6. arthur Says:

    How can someone become so bitter?

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