Don’t use them, Paddy is the only one you can trust. The wee fat Cowan wouldn’t even take me and my mum. who had mobility problems. down the road. When I asked him why, He said “If you don’t know then that’s all the more reason why I’m not letting you in this cab”. He’s from the same area where I was reared up from 6 to 18. I was 44 years old at this time. Maybe I threw snowballs at him 20 odd years ago and he has received counseling since. But that’s just petty and by the by. I continued to use Redline faithfully and loyally for over 25 years. I was responsible through my guests, myself and family for nearly £3000 annually. But in the week ending 30th of May 3 cabs allegedly did not receive their fare money. You would think that they would simply warn drivers to take payment up front. If a passenger doesn’t have enough cash on him and has to go into his house to retrieve money to pay the fare, surely the driver need only need some collateral until the passenger returns with the money. (What taxi driver doesn’t do that as standard practice?) Anyway to lift the “blacklist” on my number, I went to the office and paid £12 to cover the three fares. one of which has since been repaid to me. The chap maintains that the taxi didn’t wait for him to come back with the fare. I asked the girl in the office to take my personal details and a password and we agreed that I would be removed from the “blacklist”. We agreed that no taxi was order was to be accepted from my number without my full name and password being used. This was all acceptable but I was having problems ordering a taxi from them. Some of the bovine group in their office didn’t get that I was now removed from the blacklist despite holding a receipt for the fares that they claimed had not been paid. After a few days everything seemed back to normal except it was only I that was getting a taxi so revenue drops from nearly 3 grand a year to under £600 a year. Yesterday — 5th June — the lying cows tried to say that a hire had not been paid the day after I had paid the £12 on the Thursday of last week. They also said that a password could not be set up except for a contract. For all intents and purposes I had a contract with them. It was only them I phoned. Besides they breached their verbal contract with me when I paid their fares — even though I was not legally obliged to — on the condition that the blacklist be lifted and the password protocol put in place. The first liar told that I was back on the blacklist because a Taxi had been “bumped” on the 5th. She told me it wasn’t from my phone number but from another phone,,evidently a mobile. The second fat cow who was there,,she said, when I paid the £12 tried to change the story to that the was ordered from my number. She denied any knowledge of the password agreement I had made with them when I paid the money. So they have simply used me as a debt collector for their unpaid bills. They don’t know that I charge £20 an hour for that kind of service and it took me 2.5 hours to do it. So they owe me the £12 as I only undertook the fare payment under the circumstances described. They failed in that regard so I will be seeking that money back. Then of course the collection fee which I would have waived had I not been lied to, brings the total they owe me to £32
People stick with United and Maxicabs, For a £3:00 journey in a Redline cab, it will cost you only £2:60 – £2:70. So it’s not 266633 but 266333. That one digit makes a lot difference to your purse. And you receive a better service. Apart from Paddy of course. The other United numbers are 357070 if you’re in Wishaw or you can phone Maxi cabs as they together on the same radio and their number is 842525 and of course if you’re in Motherwell phone — TWO DOUBLE SIX TREBLE THREE — 266333.
Good luck and always remember to put you’re seatbelt on when you get in a cab. .it should become automatic.

Never in the history of humanity since before biblical times when it was deemed right and proper to molest children and rape your slaves, as the father of the three main religions, Abraham, did –– lets not forget that Muhammad (Piss Be Upon Him) married a child, and I don’t suppose it wasn’t consummated until she was 16 or 17 –– has such a fuss been made about a white-collar worker molesting kids and/or vulnerable people. It was all the rage only 40 years ago. Kids in care homes would be considered lucky if they avoided being sodomised by their “carers”.

Hundreds, literally, (300 at last count) are coming out now and saying that they were tampered with by the creepy cunt that Savile was. I always thought him to be creepy anyway. There always seemed that there was something just not quite right about him. “Now then, now then…” I hear you say, “…it’s easy to say that now.” Well yes, but it was bloody well easy to say it when he was alive. He got pelters from comedians for being a creep –– one of those cunts that do a lot of charity work but don’t like talking about it, but never shut up about it. –– he done it for the kids. Gary Glitter had a predilection for kids and celebrities have their fair share of child abusers among their number. Anyone that kids either look up to, are in awe of or have in a position of authority over them will have among their number, a few that will abuse that level of trust and authority. I’m talking about priests, vicars and pastors, doctors, police, middle management uncle Fred from round the corner and bosses at work, teachers, janitors, Orange Lodge senior members, scout leaders, boys brigade leaders, children’s sports trainers, MP’s of course and many more. In every walk of life, we have abusers among us and if there’s anything good to come out of this, it is that the message from the police is that they will hunt them down, accomplices and all, no matter how long it takes.

Child abusers up and down the country will now be thinking that Jimmy Savile is one lucky bastard to have gotten away with what amounts to child abuse on an industrial scale. But he has had help to have been able to get away with it for such a long time. There is no way that a guy that looks, talks, walks and acts the way he did could have got away with that amount of abuse for any more than a week without a degree of tolerance of his behaviour that amounted to aiding and abetting. He must have had accomplices and it seems there is still a story involving two doctors in a child abuse ring still yet to be told to the police. If someone had made an allegation against him to me, I would have believed it unless the person telling me fitted the profile of a fantasist. Because if ever there was a guy that fitted the profile of a child abuser, Jimmy Savile is that guy. Same as Glitter. These guys have low self-esteem sometimes because they were victims of abuse themselves as kids or that they had a difficult childhood for whatever reason and then become overly extrovert as adults to compensate for their own lack of self-respect. That lack of self-respect makes it easy for them to have little respect for their fellow human beings. Rather, more accurately, they have little respect for others’ feelings. They have empathy but because they hate themselves so much it’s easy for them to get love and hate mixed up. I’m no psychologist and I’m only theorising, speculating even. But I don’t think I’m far off the mark.

The Catholic church was getting it tight over the last few decades but I always maintained that abusers are everywhere among us in all walks of life and in all employments. Priests were just bound to be the first to be exposed among the white-collar middle class abusers because their victims would become disgusted with religion and after a few years away from the church they would start thinking about other victims after them. They would then pluck up the courage to speak out to stop anyone else from going through the same as they went through. And a great deal of courage it took and they are to be commended. Watch out now for more and more professionals having complaints made against them. It’s nothing new of course. All of the professions I mentioned have had examples of complaints that have been proven against some of their number. I don’t quite know how the catholic church was singled out for special attention when there is equal child abuse cases in every other white-collar profession where professionals  have an authority over vulnerable people. We constantly hear horror stories but like cycling has the name for being a dirty sport full of drug cheats, the catholic church got the name for being full of child molesters. Mark Cavendish made an impassioned defence of the sport he loves by making the point that the only reason cycling looks bad, is because they have in place the correct and proper structure to catch cheats, while other sports fail in that regard. He made the point that there are cheats in every profession. I know what he’s talking about. Bigots in Scotland will have you believe that Catholics are riddled with child molesters. This despite the stories of child molesting that have surfaced in all the organisations I mentioned earlier. Like the Orange Lodge, protestant clergy, Presbyterian elders, Boys Brigade Leaders. Society has among us, very nasty people who prey on the vulnerable for their own sexual gratification. We also have nasty people who use it as an excuse to label people as paedophiles just for their own shite stirring gossiping gratification. I’m thinking of Esther Rantzen   regarding the Savile case. I don’t agree entirely with that post I linked to but it gave us something to think about regarding Esther Rantzen and her incredibility. Here’s my comment in reply to the article…

I agree with everything you say apart from your last 2 paragraphs were you suggest that because Savile’s dead he’s probably innocent of the allegations. With over 300 allegations there is no doubt he was a serial child molester. He doesn’t need to be here to answer the allegations. Also there are potential accomplices that I’m very sure will be charged in connection with these allegations. These include at least 2 doctors. Just because horse teeth is a noted liar and wouldn’t know the truth if it tickled her private parts doesn’t mean Savile’s not guilty of at least some of the 300 plus allegations that have been made against him. There is no smoke without fire.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Esther’s being less than truthful, and let’s be honest, the chances of all 300+ allegations being the truth is very, very unlikely. More unlikely than God presenting himself to us and performing a stand up act for us all and aliens from under the surface of the moon showing up and asking “What’s up”?”

But as I was saying; 1.) There is no way Savile done all this without people knowing and as such they are just as guilty as accomplices either after the fact or during. 2.) There is no way he is alone in the world of celebrities because just like every other profession which commands respect and trust, it is riddled with human beings, 10% of which are potential paedophiles in that they are sexually attracted to kids, and those that are in white-collar jobs that command respect and trust from the community, are more likely to abuse that trust if they think they can get away with it. 3.) The Catholic church seen sexual deviancy as an illness, when it is simply a sexual orientation, that they can somehow cure. That’s as crazy as the notion that straight heterosexual  normal adults could be somehow trained to be gay, sado masochists, or fetishists. It’s just not possible to change someone’s sexual orientation and the catholic church should have known better. 4.) There’s a good chance that some good will come of this and more people will feel empowered to face their abusers and have them brought to justice. Hopefully the flood gates will now open and as the police said last week, abusers can expect a chap at the door anytime because the police have promised that they are coming for them. I know for a fact the sexual abuse of prepubescent kids is rife and when you scratch the surface a whole catalogue of abuse and paedophile rings will be uncovered. Maybe now those kids will get the justice they so richly deserve but it will still not be nearly enough to remove the scars and mental damage it has caused them. But it might stop others from suffering the same fate.

We can but only hope. If there are any abuse victims reading this please be aware that I understand that I will never know what you have gone through. I will never truly grasp the damage it has done you. But society’s attitudes have changed and we are all on your side now. It wasn’t your fault. It was society’s fault and the abuser’s fault along with those that harboured them. They must be made to pay. It will take a great deal of courage to come forward but you will be doing society a great service and it is my opinion that you deserve medals for coming forward. Good luck.

Edit… Well It was funny I mentioned Gary Glitter being similarly creepy. With the seemingly extroverted personality to cover up their own insecurities they seemed like two peas in a pod and an absolute certainty to have tampered with kids as part of a paedophile ring. Mark my words. There will be many more over the next week or so. I should not name any of my suspicions in case it prejudices the investigation and subsequent trials.


Yes it’s that time of year again when poppygate rears its ugly head and poppygate fascists like poppyscotland attempt to impose upon us British war propaganda and the recruitment machine culminates in what once was remembrance Sunday.

Lets get something clear. The poppy and remembrance Sunday is nothing to do with remembering the dead of all wars and all sides. It is to do with glorifying British dead soldiers. At the time remembrance Sunday began, the remembrance they were meaning was remembering the dead of enemies of Ireland, as Ireland was at a state of war with Britain.  I have no problem with British remembering their war dead but I do have a problem with them inflicting it on the rest of us who for whatever reason may not want to take part in their ceremonies and morbid celebration of war. There is no day for remembering what they call collateral damage – innocent civilians – who have been affected by a war not of their doing and haven’t sought to play a part in it. Poppy Scotland is a registered charity that raises money for the soldiers of war and their families. They do not give any thought or even recognition that the main victims of war are not soldiers but innocent civilians. Who is speaking for them?

Another problem is that the national question has not yet been resolved in Ireland and until it has been then we should have nothing to do with remembrance days for Black and Tans or any other British soldier that has served in the last 800 years. I don’t care if they supported Celtic or if they supported Hibs, Hearts or Motherwell. Who they supported or even played for does not come into it. Personally, I remember my British relatives and all who died, from whatever nation, in the Great Wars my own  way and I will not have some pipsqueak Poppy Fascist telling me how to do it. I also remember my relatives and fellow Irish and Scots/Irish who died and sacrificed so much to win Ireland’s freedom which is still a Work in Progress. Although I support peaceful political means to meet that end, I can’t rule out supporting the killing of more British Soldiers if they ever again make war on my ethnic family again.  Ireland’s 26 county republic is not what our dead died for so I can’t support the spilling of more blood for that. Even if it was a 32 county Republic, it’s still far from what they envisaged if the 26 County one we have now is any example to go by. It is only a 32 county Democratic Socialist Republic that I would support even working towards never mind spilling blood for.

Another two things that have not been reconciled and remain an obstacle to Scots/Irish from taking part in any ritual to honour dead British Soldiers is;

1. The Ballymurphy Massacre, when the same British para regiment that committed the bloody Sunday atrocity, go unpunished or at the very least, the atrocity goes unrecognised by the British Government. Until put to bed in the form of recognition and an apology. Irishmen or Scots/Irish should NOT be forced to take part in any ritual honouring these murderers. Even if or when they do recognise the Ballymurphy Massacre, no Irishman woman or Scots/Irish man or woman can be forced to take part in the honouring of British soldiers. I don’t see Israel having a remembrance day for German Soldiers killed in the war and I wouldn’t expect them to. Same rules apply. It would be nice to see and it would be nice for us to mourn but not honour Britain’s war dead – relatives or not. I have relatives that have died in the British Army but I don’t feel compelled to honour them while the Ballymurphy Massacre sits there, unrecognised, like a stinking pile of steaming warm shite that I just can’t see past. Get it sorted out.

2. An Gorta Mór or the Great Hunger. Better known as the Irish Potato Famine. If one didn’t know better, one would think that Irishmen and woman are a different species from humans and can only live on potatoes alone. Well as an oft quoted man in history who was supposed to have lived around 2000 or so years ago was supposed to have said “Man can not live on bread alone” Well the same goes for potatoes. Irish people starved while the best quality foodstuffs left the ports of Ireland bound for Britain’s western ports and Europe’s more accessible ports. There was a potato blight in Scotland too. But it was not to have such a destructive force upon the highland Scots as it was to have on the Irish. 1 million people died during An Drochshaol and around the same emigrated. It’s actually hard to say for those assumed to have emigrated may well have died without reaching their destination on the coffin ships that resembled the slave ships. This was in the years from 1845-52. A very clever form of ethnic cleansing that even highland Scots were a victim of. Unless they took the soup. The phrase “Took the Soup” comes from the An Gorta Mór days when protestant churches offered plates of rare nourishment in the form of soup if those that took it would sit through the Sunday Service with the Protestant church. More evidence of ethnic cleansing on the fly. I’m proud to say that not many “took the soup” and to this day the phrase means to compromise your beliefs and self-respect to make life easier for yourself. That’s why it pains me when I see Scots/Irish and Irish taking part in anything to do with the poppy. To me they are “taking the Soup”

Today I read in the Metro that there was a FIFA ban on poppies being on the national football strips at international matches. I also read that the SFA said that they thought it would be far more fitting to simply wear it on the track suit as the national anthems were being played by the bands or over the tannoy. For once, Sepp Blatter was spot on. It’s shameful that even he can see the logic while our own bigots effect deep offence at the thought of ignoring outside influences and getting on with the game. He said that “Football must keep it’s neutrality”. If the SFA could compromise then why didn’t the SPL last season? Were they bullied by the Poppy Scotland Fascists into the ridiculous step to sew on poppies to ALL their clubs jerseys? Did they take the soup and sell the jerseys or did Celtic make it easier for them and offer up the jerseys for nowt? With the war criminal gone, (John Reid) will he have taken his politics with him (picking it up at the door where he said he would leave it) and will Celtic have any backbone that Reid, love or hate like I hate him, gave Celtic in their dealings with the SPL and the SFA . You see that’s how I know Reid was behind the poppygate scandal, the bastard sat back like Pontius Pilate and washed his hands of it by saying it was nothing to do with him, it was an SPL thing. So anyway, we avoid poppygate this year courtesy of the Scottish International with Cyprus.

So what if the Internationals weren’t on to save everyone the embarrassment of Poppygate? What should Celtic supporters do to express their opposition to the Poppy Fascists. I don’t presume to speak for Celtic supporters. In fact, shame on them, I am in the minority, I suspect. If only they would open their eyes a little. It’s the middle class prawn sandwich mob of the Celtic support I am addressing. Lets take it as a given that they are not blind and have grown the sense to be on board with me about Poppygate. I am also speaking to the working class and the middle class supporters that are already in agreement with me. I say their protest should be silent and dignified. In three weeks time, it will be near St Andrew’s Day. The Green Brigade and the Talfanzine have been at the forefront of anti-racism along with Celts Against Fascism. These are the kind of supporters who are a credit to the club. It’s these supporters who are the main if not the only reason I am a Celtic fan today. Together, and there is/was a lot of cross membership, they represented what I thought was good about the club. I did not choose to be a Celtic fan, Celtic ‘s fan base that was made up mostly of these types of people made me a natural Celtic supporter. How could I not support a club that had men like these among their ranks. Also the wider Celtic family chose me. They didn’t know it and they probably wish they hadn’t. They are truly the best supporters in the world and it is they who drew me to the club. Anyway, back to the question. What should we best do as Celtic supporters in the face of another Poppygate like the seasons that have gone before, after Mr Reid arrived with his politics left at the door. Celtic supporters should have a Saltire day on St Andrews day with, an anti Racism theme, when everyone brings in their Saltire and wave it instead of the usual flags. This will emphasise that we are a Scottish Club with Irish roots.

We should wait and see what Celtic PLC do for that year’s British recruitment drive but anticipate possible scenarios and have in place the proper response. If they take part in the British Army recruitment drive, then we should protest by leaving the stadium if they adorn the strip with the poppy and if we have foreknowledge of their intentions and they are as we fear, then we should simply not go in. Protest outside and then a few weeks later have a Saltire Anti-Racism Day to coincide with St Andrew’s day so that no one can throw the plastic paddy usual bullshit at us.

That would drive home the message that we are against wars of adventurism such as the 1st World war “to end all wars” supposedly, and for the “rights of small nations to be free”. What about that wee nation just to the west of you Britain you hypocritical bastards? Or Afghanistan for that matter? Wars such as the Iraq war and the war in Afghanistan are all wars of imperialist adventurism and served no purpose other than to lead to slaughter, like lambs, working class Scottish youth. Did you know that Britain or America has been in a state of war with someone in every decade since the war to end wars. In fact they go further back. Ask yourself – can you find a decade in which the Americans or the British have NOT been in a state of war or “conflict” in say the last 1 no 2 no try 3 hundred years. Also these wars of imperialism are about greed, whether it’s the military industrial complex, or simply oil. But Afghanistan hasn’t got any oil I hear you say. No but it has the means to deliver oil to the west. Also it has a multi million pound narcotics industry that needs protecting. Why else are American and British troops protecting the poppy fields instead of burning them. Why are they not encouraging farmers to grow pomegranates which thrive in a climate such as Afghanistan. What the fuck is he on about Pomegranates for now, what are they gonna do for the Afghan economy? Well they are a lot cheaper to grow and harvest and stick on the supermarket shelf. You can stick in big letters on the minimal wrapping “Most definitely not grown in Zionist Israel so it’s OK to buy them!” Of course they are only an example of what can be grown. Fruit and Veg to rival the quality of Turkey’s and Persia’s can be grown there and they can demand high prices for them, for the fruit grown in Afghanistan will be of equal quality because of the climate. They have been protecting the drugs industry and the United Fruit Company interests in South America for decades. Now they are doing the same with heroin and Oil in Afghanistan.  The Nazi Germans in the war had to fall back on heroin substitute, methadone, in the 2nd world war. The Americans and British are making sure they do not need the substitute now that they have 90% of the world’s narcotics in their sphere of influence.  Ask yourself this – If they have control of 90% of the narcotics in the world, why then has the supply not dropped, but it has increased and cut down in potency and purity to make more profits? Who is profiting? Why are they allowed to profit if the British and Americans have control over it. They only answer is that junkies in America and Britain are paying for the war so the oil barons don’t have to. It’s the only conceivable answer. This whole thing keeps working class youths in America and Britain dependent on the Governments for their fix. They become apathetic and never question the motives of their respective governments. This is not some conspiraloon shite, the numbers don’t lie. If I’m wrong then I must be brought before the courts for libel. But they won’t do that because they wont stand up to scrutiny.

That’s what these wars are all about. Oil and drugs, the most expensive minerals outside silver and gold which they have bought up anyway to inflate the prices.

Did you know the South African Government during apartheid, I don’t know about now, held back the diamond stock simply to impress the rarity and so could inflate the prices of Diamonds. Other gemstones are far more rare than diamonds. Diamonds were only given the appearance of rarity to  increase their prices. OPEC does it with oil and the Americans don’t like it one bit because they had no control over it. Now they have control over more than 45% of the world’s oil. They are trying to get, with this pipeline through Afghanistan, control over the supply of 75% of the world’s oil. They do that by offering working class kids in America and Britain a way out of the drugs cycle. Join the Army, be cool, see the world and shag loads of woman, or men or camels, whatever takes your fancy. You can even rape them if you want. We’ll just turn a Nelson’s. Just go out there and shoot loads of people. It’s the American way and Winston would want it that way.

What they don’t tell them is that they will stand a good chance of losing some limbs due to IED ambushes, for Afghanistan is great country for ambushing invading troops. Just ask the Russians. But every year a few months after armed forces day when the British soldier is held up as a super hero who chose to defend his country against the invading hordes of Islam. The Glorification of that shite is given a further nudge by Armistice Day and in between, our television sets are covered with Armed Forces promotional adverts that, clearly hide the truth from the simple 16-17 year old working class kids. Fight for your country and be a hero. It’s no better than the Islamist videos exhorting young Muslims to become martyrs for Allah. They will be repaid in paradise. I’d like to see their faces when there is no paradise but only death for one who takes an innocent life in any name. Same goes for British soldiers, I’ve looked down the business end of the British Rifle being held by a British soldier many times from the age of 8. I can not and will not support any movement that encourages that kind of behaviour from British soldiers. I don’t care if most of them are all right, and my mates sister is getting married to one. I can only wish them a horrible day until they come home and get their heads fixed. I’d be grateful if they didn’t beat their wives went they got drunk or pished on their bed sit fellow ‘s shoes in the middle of the night because they are incontinent. Oh and leave out the war stories ‘cos they bore the tights off me. “I lost friends in Crossmaglen”, ” Well that was fucking careless”.

I’m sorry, I’m making light of a very serious problem that doesn’t get spoke about in the armed Forces Day to Armistice Day recruitment drive by the armed forces.  Post – Traumatic – Stress – Syndrome. They don’t tell you about this in their glossy magazines in the recruitment office waiting room. They don’t mention it in the adverts. They don’t really have anyone telling them they might become bed-wetters by the time the Army’s finished with them. And that’s ones’ that haven’t seen any combat yet! Don’t be fooled either by the myth that soldiers aren’t taken care of by the Government. They get a nice pension, excellent job prospects on Civvy street for what employer is not going to give an ex squaddie a chance. Problem is though that they will invariably fuck it up and leave the misguided employer with egg on his face for employing a man who has been broken down and turned into a human being, bordering on sociopathic. He or she may not be as far gone as that but serious mental health issues are almost definitely a by-product of what the British army has done to the person. It just not possible for someone to go into the Army and come out as a normal rational human being. Most cases are walking time bombs. This not from some anecdotal evidence or some uni research. This is just my own personal experience of dealing with and interacting with ex-squaddies. They are just not right in the head. Simple.

It is not for us to clean up the MOD’s mess. Nor should it be left for a war-chest masquerading as a charity. The poppy fascists should not be foisting upon anyone to give in to this farce. The MOD should get the money from the drugs and Oil barons it’s fighting it’s dirty wars of adventurism for to contribute to trying to fix their mistakes they have made with our fellow working class citizens. Another thing… Working class recruits almost never enter the army at officer level but the upper class almost always do. I often wondered why a Scottish Regiment was nearly always led by an English accented officer. That’s the reason. Class, Class, Class. The noblest class, the working class will get shat upon from a great height in the armed forces and never seem to know it. In fact they seem happy to be shat on. It beggars belief. In a normal society this would not be put up with by anyone, never mind someone who is risking his very life to appease the Army Hierarchy.

Not in my fucking name. Simple as that. If you want to go on a National Lampoons Holiday don’t insult my intelligence by pretending you are doing it to protect me in any way. You are only upholding and reinforcing the Status Quo which is not what I want and I’ll have no part in it. The Status Quo being the class system in Britain that hasn’t gone away. Yes the lines between working class and middle class have become blurred. But they are still there and they are discernible. You are middle class when you work as a civil servant such as a police officer, soldier or anyone in the criminal justice system. You are middle class when you work for most employment department jobs in the DWP and the Job Centre. You can still hold a position in that field and be working class if you apply your efforts to helping the client get back to work or not hinder their return to work by issuing sanctions for silly mistakes that only serve to keep a person’s morale down and thus hinder their return to work. You are middle class if you are a boss of someone whether it be middle management or even a lowly foreman. Basically if you hold the power to withhold someone’s income and if you do the business owners’ bidding and not represent the worker’s interests. You are middle class if you own a business and employ someone. You are working class if you depend upon someone for your income, if your liberty or livelihood is at the whim of another. I hope that clears that up for you. Whether you own your own home has no bearing on your class as it once did. Maggie Thatcher tried to give people the illusion of being middle class by selling off the council house stock and giving working class people affordable housing to own. She just gave them a mortgage and then put them on the dole to have their homes taken away from them. Well done Maggie. We’re still picking up after you ya fucking cow.

So anyway, to summarise.  If you are a soldier, you are no longer working class Jim from Wishaw. You are an upholder of the British class system and deserve everything you get. We’ll pick you up again once they have finished with you and try and fix you. But I hear soldiers bragging about where they’ve been and sunbathing on beaches around the world. Don’t tell me you need me to support you more by supporting the Poppy Fascists. I’ll remember all our dead, combatant or not on November the 1st all souls day. I’ll remember our republican dead at Easter. I’ll remember all soldiers, including Brits, on a non-British day foisted upon us by PoppyScotland Fascists. I’ll remember them on May 5th when a man gave up his life for his fellow-man, no greater love has this, than to give up your life for your fellow-man.

I got my camera back today for very little effort, proving that time waits for some people and that patience is a virtue. There are times when strike while the Iron is hot has been my way of doing things. But age, reason and a very sore leg have taught me how to be a more patient man, but one with a plan. So so we can improve the old adage by simply adding three words at the end to read, “time waits for no man without a plan.” 😉

First picture taken after I got it back. Pity about the subject. All good things come to those who wait. Justice always prevails (Well nearly) when the government are not involved. Altogether, I’m actually up on the deal because of other W.I.P. which when wrapped up made me up on the thing. Not by much mind you but enough to give me a satisfied feeling and a big smug smile on my face.

All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

Beidh ár lá linn! lá amháin Mo Chairde, lá amháin


I speak of Frankie whose surname mustn’t be mentioned for now. – the guy that stole my Camera and who’s Brother Robbed my 75-year-old Alziemers victim with very poor mobility and other health problems. The good cop in their sick good cop bad cop game they play.

Anyway, he shows up at my front door late last night like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. But the daft cunt can’t even lie properly. I’d love to see them in a police barracks or cop shop. They would sing like canaries and I know it for a fact. I said “Fuck of man , you stole my camera fucksake!” He says “What camera” or “Did I fuck”. Something like that anyway. He then goes on to say, and I paraphrase, “That’s came fae Gayle and Kimberly talking on the phone ‘cos *bleep* tried to sell Kimberly the camera”. Bad liar Frankie. He goes on “I wisnae even in yer kitchen last night” I had told him it had been stole out of the kitchen when he was in and I was calling him back out while I was inspecting the damage to the Garden Shed Box. He took ages coming out and he complained that I had used his real name. Why are you worried about yer real name being used if you havnae done anything sunshine? Maybe he’s worried the polis will strike him off the payroll for being involved in criminality? And more pertinently *bleep* wasn’t in the kitchen or vicinity so how could he have stolen the camera? “Eh oh eh oh.” “Just fuck off and don’t let the gate hit yer arse on the way out.”

Last night the brother of the beast who attacked me in my home and tried to rob my 75-year-old Mother who has severe mobility problems, tried to break into my garden box last night. The neighbour interrupted him. But I noticed after that he stole my camera while I was inspecting the damage. For legal reasons I have not mentioned his brother’s name but I can mention his older brother’s first name which is Frankie.

This family is a blot on the Lanarkshire landscape and need liquidated. You are not your brother’s keeper and as he condemned his brother’s actions when he beasted my 75-year-old mum who is an Alzheimers victim on top of her mobility problems and her heart valve, I still spoke to him. “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer”. However I can’t possibly have any of them near me again. If it was up to me the two of them would be executed.

I think that’s all I can write at the moment and stay within the Law.

After the case, no matter the result, I will tell all that happened so the world will be able to know that his brother is a beast who robs 75-year-old Alziemers victims who have severe mobility problems and a multitude of other health problems. Basically the vulnerable. In short they are bullies.

What comes around, goes around.

I’m not against the Not Proven Verdict despite the bad press it has had through the ages. That is only because the media manipulates what verdicts are newsworthy so we only here about the really bad ones. The “get out” option for the jury so they don’t have to decide. But on this occasion there was no decision to make. He is guilty. He’s on telly assaulting him. The jury can opt to remove the racist element. But they didn’t want to because they wanted John Wilson to get off with it. To them he’s a hero because they were an Anti-Irish jury. I challenge any of them to prove me wrong. As for Brother Wilson, he admitted the crime. But he said he didn’t swear or call Lennon a “Fenian”. That leaves the question, what did he say? “Hello Mr Lennon would you mind terribly if I attacked you?” Did big nasty Neil refuse to sign his dick with his autograph? Or worse still, did a hearts security man lie under oath in court and say he heard one of his own call Lennon a “Fenian Bastard”. Very unlikely. The following is nearer the truth.

Hearts FC Racist Attempts to attack Neil Lennon

Hearts Racist Attacks Irish Neil Lennon

This just shows that Scotland is racist to the core. The 80% so-called Protestant population in Scotland has shown that it is still Anti-Irish racist, not just institutionalised at an establishment level, but from the grass-roots all the way up. A horrible septic boil that needs lanced, lanced desperately. Because after the attacks on Celtic supporters and Neil Lennon and his family last season, it shows Scotland up as anti-Irish as it always has been. If nothing gets done then Scotland can stay British as far as I’m concerned and I’m off to anywhere but this racist hole. That will no doubt please the east coast Anti-Irish Racists but this country will be on a slippery slope to times worse than the Thatcher years. You will have nothing. Nothing but Gerry “Irish Tosh” McNee and Celtic Football and Athletic Club and possibly Hibs will be your only saving grace. Yet you, most of you, are hell-bent on driving them out. Shame on you Edinburgh, you have finally put paid to the myth that Anti-Irish Racism is a west coast problem.

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