Don’t use them, Paddy is the only one you can trust. The wee fat Cowan wouldn’t even take me and my mum. who had mobility problems. down the road. When I asked him why, He said “If you don’t know then that’s all the more reason why I’m not letting you in this cab”. He’s from the same area where I was reared up from 6 to 18. I was 44 years old at this time. Maybe I threw snowballs at him 20 odd years ago and he has received counseling since. But that’s just petty and by the by. I continued to use Redline faithfully and loyally for over 25 years. I was responsible through my guests, myself and family for nearly £3000 annually. But in the week ending 30th of May 3 cabs allegedly did not receive their fare money. You would think that they would simply warn drivers to take payment up front. If a passenger doesn’t have enough cash on him and has to go into his house to retrieve money to pay the fare, surely the driver need only need some collateral until the passenger returns with the money. (What taxi driver doesn’t do that as standard practice?) Anyway to lift the “blacklist” on my number, I went to the office and paid £12 to cover the three fares. one of which has since been repaid to me. The chap maintains that the taxi didn’t wait for him to come back with the fare. I asked the girl in the office to take my personal details and a password and we agreed that I would be removed from the “blacklist”. We agreed that no taxi was order was to be accepted from my number without my full name and password being used. This was all acceptable but I was having problems ordering a taxi from them. Some of the bovine group in their office didn’t get that I was now removed from the blacklist despite holding a receipt for the fares that they claimed had not been paid. After a few days everything seemed back to normal except it was only I that was getting a taxi so revenue drops from nearly 3 grand a year to under £600 a year. Yesterday — 5th June — the lying cows tried to say that a hire had not been paid the day after I had paid the £12 on the Thursday of last week. They also said that a password could not be set up except for a contract. For all intents and purposes I had a contract with them. It was only them I phoned. Besides they breached their verbal contract with me when I paid their fares — even though I was not legally obliged to — on the condition that the blacklist be lifted and the password protocol put in place. The first liar told that I was back on the blacklist because a Taxi had been “bumped” on the 5th. She told me it wasn’t from my phone number but from another phone,,evidently a mobile. The second fat cow who was there,,she said, when I paid the £12 tried to change the story to that the was ordered from my number. She denied any knowledge of the password agreement I had made with them when I paid the money. So they have simply used me as a debt collector for their unpaid bills. They don’t know that I charge £20 an hour for that kind of service and it took me 2.5 hours to do it. So they owe me the £12 as I only undertook the fare payment under the circumstances described. They failed in that regard so I will be seeking that money back. Then of course the collection fee which I would have waived had I not been lied to, brings the total they owe me to £32
People stick with United and Maxicabs, For a £3:00 journey in a Redline cab, it will cost you only £2:60 – £2:70. So it’s not 266633 but 266333. That one digit makes a lot difference to your purse. And you receive a better service. Apart from Paddy of course. The other United numbers are 357070 if you’re in Wishaw or you can phone Maxi cabs as they together on the same radio and their number is 842525 and of course if you’re in Motherwell phone — TWO DOUBLE SIX TREBLE THREE — 266333.
Good luck and always remember to put you’re seatbelt on when you get in a cab. .it should become automatic.

Yes, Newsnight screwed up, but let’s remember who the real victims are – and listen to them – Comment – Voices – The Independent.

I couldn’t agree more with this article and strongly recommend reading it. It articulates my thoughts  exactly so there’s no point in me writing another one.


Never in the history of humanity since before biblical times when it was deemed right and proper to molest children and rape your slaves, as the father of the three main religions, Abraham, did –– lets not forget that Muhammad (Piss Be Upon Him) married a child, and I don’t suppose it wasn’t consummated until she was 16 or 17 –– has such a fuss been made about a white-collar worker molesting kids and/or vulnerable people. It was all the rage only 40 years ago. Kids in care homes would be considered lucky if they avoided being sodomised by their “carers”.

Hundreds, literally, (300 at last count) are coming out now and saying that they were tampered with by the creepy cunt that Savile was. I always thought him to be creepy anyway. There always seemed that there was something just not quite right about him. “Now then, now then…” I hear you say, “…it’s easy to say that now.” Well yes, but it was bloody well easy to say it when he was alive. He got pelters from comedians for being a creep –– one of those cunts that do a lot of charity work but don’t like talking about it, but never shut up about it. –– he done it for the kids. Gary Glitter had a predilection for kids and celebrities have their fair share of child abusers among their number. Anyone that kids either look up to, are in awe of or have in a position of authority over them will have among their number, a few that will abuse that level of trust and authority. I’m talking about priests, vicars and pastors, doctors, police, middle management uncle Fred from round the corner and bosses at work, teachers, janitors, Orange Lodge senior members, scout leaders, boys brigade leaders, children’s sports trainers, MP’s of course and many more. In every walk of life, we have abusers among us and if there’s anything good to come out of this, it is that the message from the police is that they will hunt them down, accomplices and all, no matter how long it takes.

Child abusers up and down the country will now be thinking that Jimmy Savile is one lucky bastard to have gotten away with what amounts to child abuse on an industrial scale. But he has had help to have been able to get away with it for such a long time. There is no way that a guy that looks, talks, walks and acts the way he did could have got away with that amount of abuse for any more than a week without a degree of tolerance of his behaviour that amounted to aiding and abetting. He must have had accomplices and it seems there is still a story involving two doctors in a child abuse ring still yet to be told to the police. If someone had made an allegation against him to me, I would have believed it unless the person telling me fitted the profile of a fantasist. Because if ever there was a guy that fitted the profile of a child abuser, Jimmy Savile is that guy. Same as Glitter. These guys have low self-esteem sometimes because they were victims of abuse themselves as kids or that they had a difficult childhood for whatever reason and then become overly extrovert as adults to compensate for their own lack of self-respect. That lack of self-respect makes it easy for them to have little respect for their fellow human beings. Rather, more accurately, they have little respect for others’ feelings. They have empathy but because they hate themselves so much it’s easy for them to get love and hate mixed up. I’m no psychologist and I’m only theorising, speculating even. But I don’t think I’m far off the mark.

The Catholic church was getting it tight over the last few decades but I always maintained that abusers are everywhere among us in all walks of life and in all employments. Priests were just bound to be the first to be exposed among the white-collar middle class abusers because their victims would become disgusted with religion and after a few years away from the church they would start thinking about other victims after them. They would then pluck up the courage to speak out to stop anyone else from going through the same as they went through. And a great deal of courage it took and they are to be commended. Watch out now for more and more professionals having complaints made against them. It’s nothing new of course. All of the professions I mentioned have had examples of complaints that have been proven against some of their number. I don’t quite know how the catholic church was singled out for special attention when there is equal child abuse cases in every other white-collar profession where professionals  have an authority over vulnerable people. We constantly hear horror stories but like cycling has the name for being a dirty sport full of drug cheats, the catholic church got the name for being full of child molesters. Mark Cavendish made an impassioned defence of the sport he loves by making the point that the only reason cycling looks bad, is because they have in place the correct and proper structure to catch cheats, while other sports fail in that regard. He made the point that there are cheats in every profession. I know what he’s talking about. Bigots in Scotland will have you believe that Catholics are riddled with child molesters. This despite the stories of child molesting that have surfaced in all the organisations I mentioned earlier. Like the Orange Lodge, protestant clergy, Presbyterian elders, Boys Brigade Leaders. Society has among us, very nasty people who prey on the vulnerable for their own sexual gratification. We also have nasty people who use it as an excuse to label people as paedophiles just for their own shite stirring gossiping gratification. I’m thinking of Esther Rantzen   regarding the Savile case. I don’t agree entirely with that post I linked to but it gave us something to think about regarding Esther Rantzen and her incredibility. Here’s my comment in reply to the article…

I agree with everything you say apart from your last 2 paragraphs were you suggest that because Savile’s dead he’s probably innocent of the allegations. With over 300 allegations there is no doubt he was a serial child molester. He doesn’t need to be here to answer the allegations. Also there are potential accomplices that I’m very sure will be charged in connection with these allegations. These include at least 2 doctors. Just because horse teeth is a noted liar and wouldn’t know the truth if it tickled her private parts doesn’t mean Savile’s not guilty of at least some of the 300 plus allegations that have been made against him. There is no smoke without fire.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Esther’s being less than truthful, and let’s be honest, the chances of all 300+ allegations being the truth is very, very unlikely. More unlikely than God presenting himself to us and performing a stand up act for us all and aliens from under the surface of the moon showing up and asking “What’s up”?”

But as I was saying; 1.) There is no way Savile done all this without people knowing and as such they are just as guilty as accomplices either after the fact or during. 2.) There is no way he is alone in the world of celebrities because just like every other profession which commands respect and trust, it is riddled with human beings, 10% of which are potential paedophiles in that they are sexually attracted to kids, and those that are in white-collar jobs that command respect and trust from the community, are more likely to abuse that trust if they think they can get away with it. 3.) The Catholic church seen sexual deviancy as an illness, when it is simply a sexual orientation, that they can somehow cure. That’s as crazy as the notion that straight heterosexual  normal adults could be somehow trained to be gay, sado masochists, or fetishists. It’s just not possible to change someone’s sexual orientation and the catholic church should have known better. 4.) There’s a good chance that some good will come of this and more people will feel empowered to face their abusers and have them brought to justice. Hopefully the flood gates will now open and as the police said last week, abusers can expect a chap at the door anytime because the police have promised that they are coming for them. I know for a fact the sexual abuse of prepubescent kids is rife and when you scratch the surface a whole catalogue of abuse and paedophile rings will be uncovered. Maybe now those kids will get the justice they so richly deserve but it will still not be nearly enough to remove the scars and mental damage it has caused them. But it might stop others from suffering the same fate.

We can but only hope. If there are any abuse victims reading this please be aware that I understand that I will never know what you have gone through. I will never truly grasp the damage it has done you. But society’s attitudes have changed and we are all on your side now. It wasn’t your fault. It was society’s fault and the abuser’s fault along with those that harboured them. They must be made to pay. It will take a great deal of courage to come forward but you will be doing society a great service and it is my opinion that you deserve medals for coming forward. Good luck.

Edit… Well It was funny I mentioned Gary Glitter being similarly creepy. With the seemingly extroverted personality to cover up their own insecurities they seemed like two peas in a pod and an absolute certainty to have tampered with kids as part of a paedophile ring. Mark my words. There will be many more over the next week or so. I should not name any of my suspicions in case it prejudices the investigation and subsequent trials.


I went into Glasgow with some friends from Edinburgh and Ireland to either watch the last Celtic Vs  Huns game of last season on the box in a pub on the Gallowgate, or go to the match. It was all dependant on getting tickets for the game for us all. As it turned out the touting bastard was demanding far too much for the tickets – and he was a Celtic fan as well! – It’s cunts like that we want shot of and leave the Green Brigade lads alone. It’s the “put your head down we don’t want any bother” Tims we don’t need. Who needs enemies when you’ve got wankers like that in the stands? But that’s another matter and my views are well documented about it.

We ended up watching it in the Hoops Bar on the Gallowgate. I think we decided that it wasn’t worth just going to laugh at them again as I begin to feel a wee bit sorry for them. Then I give myself a metaphorical kick in the arse and I’m OK again – Back to doing the huddle and hating the Huns.

Anyway, After the game was over and the fans started to fill up the Gallowgate, we decanted from the Hoops Bar on the Gallowgate and tried several pubs, but as Celtic Park had decanted as well, most of the Celtic Support was on the Gallowgate and in the pubs and as usual they were all jumping and there was no room. There was a queue at the Brazen head, Gary Og was on I think and the queue was for the next on the bill. Or it was the other way around. I can’t mind surely. But the upshot was we found ourselves on the Gallowgate again but this time every pub was even fuller. We had blundered big time and it was my fault ‘cos I got us lost. I was just trying to make sure we didn’t end up on the wrong side of London Road ‘cos that would just be daft with just the three of us, colours or no. So by this time, I’m dying for a pish, or in proper Anglo, to urinate or empty my bladder. I’m walking down the Gallowgate and make the mistake of passing the Saracen Lane right next to the Sara Head pub and a fella goes up the next lane, Great Dovehill and relieves himself at the back gate of MA Sports. I then go up to follow suit but I’m wearing Jogging trousers without a zip on account of the dressing I have to wear on my leg (long story) which does not allow me to wear jeans for they are too tight. So I’m basically going to have to expose myself to do this and I’m having enough problems pishing at the best of times because I reckon I have a slight pishy infection. So I try standing at the other end of the gate from where my predecessor pished but on the same side obviously. I abandoned that idea as I felt it was too open. So I tried where he had pished. I could see his pish being absorbed by the dry dusty ground. But I couldn’t do it. It was far to open and that coupled with the time it would take me to do the pish meant it was not possible for me to attempt to emulate him. So I turn around to pick up my stick and indicate to my mates that I couldn’t do it. As I was turning round I noticed a blue gas guzzling people carrier come along Bell Street and stop and reverse and have a wee gander down Great Dovehill. I recognise in the driver street, one of Strathclyde’s finest. So I know they are gonna come down and ask me what I’m up to. No problem I thought, they’ll just do a pinks check on me and a quick search and I’m on my way.

The people carrier pulls up and I can’t remember who was driving, the big wanker with a boulder on his shoulder or the wee dumb blonde (not all blondes are dumb, just this one was) . But whatever, they jumped out Sweeney style and asked me

“Why was I pishing outside to the annoyance of others.”

“What others and I wasn’t pishing was I?” I said.

“Don’t call me a liar or you’ll get the nick right now” he promises. He gives me a final warning

“Well good! Then I’ll get a fucking pish then won’t I?”

After much arguing about whether he was lying while I was trying to get the subject on to the fact of whether I had done a pish or not. During which time I’m sure I got 3 final warnings that I would be lifted. I had even pointed out to him that the pish was dried into the dust and had clearly been done more than a few minutes ago. A fucking child could see that. I asked him to take a DNA sample from it if he was so sure of himself that it was my pish.

“What do you think I want to take a sample of your pish for?” he asks.

“To fucking prove it ya dick” “Gimme yer sample kit and I’ll dae it then”

That’s yer final warning” he repeats.

I say “Thank fuck, for I’ll get a fucking pish then. Yer no getting it are ye. I want ye tae fucking lift me” Then the daft bint pipes up

“What are you doing all the way from Motherwell in here?” they had been taking my details between our arguing.

I says “What’s it fucking look like?” pointing out my dress. Free State Training Jacket and Celtic top, Hoops an’ all.

“No need to be cheeky, I was only making conversation” she blubbers.

I said “No you were not. You were implying I was in here up to no good.” “If I said to you, when did you get yer facelift? Would you consider that just making conversation?” I continue “Respect is earned hen. It’s not dished out on plate in the copshop canteen”

As I was giving her my details, I thought I might check out the guy cop. Half caste, but there was nothing wrong with that and has no relevance. So I’m looking him square in the eye. I notice he must about 6 foot. I’m 5’8″ and he was a few inches the better of me. So I’m eyeballing him. After about 10 seconds of a staring match he says

“Don’t look at me like that”

“Don’t look at you like whit!?” I demand.

“Like you’ve been hard done too”

“I fucking have!” Another final warning. “Full of promises you are aren’t you?”

I could swear I saw just a bit of steam coming from his ears. He or she’s writing out the ticket and he’s trying to figure out what street we’re on. So he just says “The Gallowgate” and shrugs his shoulders. I guess his partner agrees but I don’t know because I’m still staring right through him. This is when I know they are making a blunder or are not taking this seriously and just want to get to fuck away from me. Cos it was on Great Dovehill which runs parallel to Saracen Lane. So they are trying to say they seen me pishing in the street, The Gallowgate no less, after a Celtic Rankers Derby, from the Junction of Bell Street and Great Dovehill. They must have x-ray vision and x10 (at least) optical zoom binoculars. There was no court in the land would convict on the say so of these two idiots. I wish I could have read their names but Robocop was illiterate and his writing was illegible. All I could glean from the ticket was they were from London Road Copshop. So if yer reading this ya pair of pricks. Yer a pair of pricks.

I eventually got a pish when I got to Motherwell Rail Station. Argyle street, predictably, never had facilities. The cunts did meet their goal. They ruined my day out. There was no way I was paying that £40 penalty. Even if it was 40p. Everyone told me, “Just pay it, it’s only £40” but anyone that knows me, knows I’m a stubborn bastard when I know I’m in the right.

Image of where Polis tried to extort money from the me

Picture of locus courtesy of Google Earth

And the letter I got from Pitt Street after I sent the ticket back saying not guilty.

letter withdrawing anti social behaviour ticket

Don’t pay it. Demand your day in court. That will soon put a stop them dishing them out.

I’ve defended myself successfully in court for refusing to pay spot fines. You only encourage them by paying them. Don’t pay. You deserve justice and your day in court. Most times they don’t even bother taking it to court. If you ever need advice on what to do when these cunts try this shite with you, just contact me and I’ll help you as much as I can. I’ll even appear on your behalf. They will not give legal aid because there is no chance of you going to jail if found guilty. That’s why I’ve been forced to act for myself in court. But I have never lost. And as I say I have never paid a spot fine in my life apart from one occasion when I didn’t want my other half to know where I was with her motor one day. Plus I was bang to rights anyway.

I’m not kidding. The more people who stand up and say no to spot fines and refuse to pay, the sooner they will stop this form of extorting money from those of us who can least afford it. It cost’s them money for  a PF, a court clerk, a fat polis, a justice of the peace and court time if you demand your day in court. For £40 or £60 or whatever it is, it’s just economic sense to just drop it. And if you are innocent, which you are, as they are asking you to pay a fine without any admission of guilt, then fight them in court. Or at least be ready to. Most likely they will withdraw the complaint. But as I say, if you are in any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do anything to help. No charge. No expenses. I just want to beat the bastards at their own game. This offer is for anyone no matter your race, creed or background.

I got my camera back today for very little effort, proving that time waits for some people and that patience is a virtue. There are times when strike while the Iron is hot has been my way of doing things. But age, reason and a very sore leg have taught me how to be a more patient man, but one with a plan. So so we can improve the old adage by simply adding three words at the end to read, “time waits for no man without a plan.” 😉

First picture taken after I got it back. Pity about the subject. All good things come to those who wait. Justice always prevails (Well nearly) when the government are not involved. Altogether, I’m actually up on the deal because of other W.I.P. which when wrapped up made me up on the thing. Not by much mind you but enough to give me a satisfied feeling and a big smug smile on my face.

All Good Things Come to Those Who Wait.

Beidh ár lá linn! lá amháin Mo Chairde, lá amháin