Well off we went and met up in a pub in Hamilton and as it turned out there was me, Dilzyghirl’s’ brother and the brother of the fella that’s getting married. The rest are all polis. About six or seven of them.
At first I’m exorcising my right to remain silent until I see what sort of fellas I’m dealing with.

The First guy I got speaking to turns out to live in Motherwell and is a Motherwell supporter. No but get this. He’s a part time referee at the football to junior level. Had my mouth been warmer I’d have said something along the lines of, “your a fucking mason arn’t you son?”
They all seemed a semi decent bunch of guys but they just behaved like any other lager louts on the town. Something out of “booze Britain” in fact.

I was talking to Dilzyghirl’s bro and the coppers bro and I said, “I suppose their all right”.
Then the polis’ brother turns round and says, “are they fuck they’re arseholes everyone one of them. I’ve told him straight yer pals are all wanks.”
He wasn’t far of the mark.