It was the right decision to postpone the old firm match today. Rangers players, as well as Celtic players, had a great respect and some had a close friendship with their fallen colleague. The scum on follow follow would have us believe that this was a cynical attempt to move the game so that Celtic have time to get their best players ready.

They’ve got short memories. Do they not remember the gretna game being moved to accomadate the huns’ pathetic attempt to qualify for the euro champions league? Do they not remember Ally McCoist refusing to play for Scotland when that daft posh bint diana got herself killed?

Hang yer heads in shame scum. Again.

I have found some broken links and I have found that putfile is absolute shite for hosting anything. I’m going to remove every link to any putfile medium and replace it with other more trustworthy hosting services such as photobucket and flickr. I might give youtube a go though I mainly want to post audio files up. The problem is that I need to be able to trust the hosting environment to remain stable whilst I entertain more pressing matters. So far, Photobucket and flickr have done this but they don’t specialise in audio files.

As for the broken links I am removing them. I am also going to add a few, both in the c’moan the hoops page and the links pages itself.

Recently someone sent me a link to a forum and I dismissed it in my drunken petulance thinking it another SF bashing forum. Even if it is another SF bashing forum I s’pose they deserve a link as much as any of the others such as irish I will search it out in my e~mail and reply accordingly.

I think I have been unduly rude in my description of some of the places I have linked to and have also been dishing out undue praise. However, I will be putting a reminder in to people on my links page that the dynamics of forums and even websites can change from time to time. So my brief intro to the links may very well be out of date or indeed wrong due to the lack of thorough investigation of the link. It should however give a general idea as to the political leaning of the site or forum. If it fails in that duty then it is up to those who feel that way to inform me as to why. I have been known to alter my description of some sites after being better informed.

Obviously and ultimately it is up to the surfers to decide for themselves the truth of the matter. They can see from there own eyes and so my opinion really counts for nothing in the end. Hopefully I have helped them to find a source they may have been searching for and really that is what the links are all about in the end. I believe my links page provides a pretty decent service in that regard.

Well it seems a wee word to Pro-boards had the desired effect. They were told to remove the offending thread. At least Ulsterbams had the brains to keep their's hidden from the start.

So after them threatening to tout me out to the DWP, Blueyonder and any other daft cunt that might listen. It was them who should not have been chucking cucumbers in their greenhouse.

They tried to mock when I said I was reeling them in. I suppose they were right, I wasn't reeling them in, I simply gave them enough rope to hang themselves with.

A direct hit!!!

And remember, I'm still watching…

Up the RA ya fucking numbskull's!!!

I seem to have ruffled more feathers. This time it's my real targets, Follow follow and their loyalist scumbag friends.
A direct hit. It took them long enough to bite right enough, but bite they seem to have done in a big way. I'm still reeling them in but can't yet see what they are saying on their boards as I am still waiting "approval from admin".

More to follow…

Update… There are in breach of just about every rule in the book, including racial and sectarian abuse, incitement to violence. Not to mention copyright laws. Your not allowed to download my pic without my permission, that's what the "© all rights reserved" means.

One of them has the cheek to query whether Blueyonder are aware of the content of my website. Blueyonder have viewed it and approved it, as have the BBC and the Scotsman, as falling within their rules and guidelines. If I had kept the sectarian bile that the follow follow bigots had posted on my Guestbook, then it would have been a different matter.

Well it seems I have ruffled some feathers over at Irish Nationalism dot net.

I had linked to them on my links page and given a short explanation to indicate the political leaning of the site. It's a forum BTW.

Well they've got a thread about my humble site where they denounce me for basically lumping them all together as blueshirts. I was accused of laziness for not researching them properly. I have since had a wee dig through their forum and there is no doubt that they are a far right grouping. They are racist. They can't seem to decide who they hate more, jews or muslims. They accuse me of Laziness for branding them all blueshirts and I guess they are right. So I hold my hands up. I should have said they are the modern equivalent of blueshirts. There is some common ground however. We seem to agree on the six counties but not for the same reasons.

Take Sean Sabhat. There is no doubting his patriotism and courage. It is right that he is honoured for his ultimate sacrifice. Just as it is right to honour James Connolly. I would never defile the name of dead martyrs because they are racist. But the truth is that Sean Sabhat was anti-Semitic.

Why do I have such a problem with racism? Well it's because Irish people have been the victims of anti-Irish racism in not just Britain but America too. Irish immigrants were treated the same way these people wish to treat poles, Jews, Muslims and anyone else that doesn't fit their criteria of what they think to be Irish. They are acting just like those in the Orange Order and the BNP.

They openly admit their opposition to socialism in the "what we are about" section. So politically speaking they are poles apart from the working class people of Ireland.

I don't doubt their sincerity. They are patriots and that in itself is not a bad thing. It is very commendable. However, what I do have a problem with is what drives their patriotism – a hatred of foreigners – their reliance on the most base animal instincts.

I should say that I am commenting on the general "feel" of the forum. Not individual posters. I have however seen some of them posting on scumfront and that is were the performing clowns comment came from. I find it very sad. It would be easy for me to ignore their racism but I can't because it's that kind of racism and intolerance that the Irish Community in Scotland has had to put up with at the hands of their Scottish equivalent, the grand Orange lodge of Scotland.

So debating with them is as useless as debating with an orange forum or the ARRSE forum.

Well how funny was that?

I found a site called creative ireland and they had some crackers. Some of them seem to have gone off the radar, but there are still some good ones there.

Like this one…

{One should see the video first. It is class. It his also huge so have patience} You might need the Xvid Codec to play it.

Folowed by this…

And this…

So I guess those feckers got the message.

The DOBs I mean, not the brainy guy in the David Murray Mobile.

I have tried to post on Stormfront today. So far they haven’t let my post through the screening process. I believe they will not let them through because they are sound points challengeing amongst other fact free drivel, America was duped into WWII by jews who controlled the US Government.

On this thread.

I had to remind him/her that it was because Japan bombed pearl harbour. Unless of course the Jews where controlling Japan as well. I also had to remind him that America is not “their” land ‘cos they nicked it from the native americans, the injuns. I pointed out that they all but wiped them out in the process as well. One act of genocide they can’t possibly deny. Or are the injuns controlling everything along with the Jews???

The forum is riddled with adolescent tantrums and fact free loonspud revisionist nonsense. I will not hold my breath waiting on them to allow my posts.

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