That is the national question or “conversation”, if you like, in a nutshell. The answer, you would think, is as plain as the nose on you’re face. But to have a look at the other side of the argument, I went hunting for alternative views on the matter. Let’s get one thing clear that I think all sides agree on, and that is, come the morning of the 18th of Sept. this year, every one of us, from the age 16 and up on that date, has a date with destiny. If we do not grasp the opportunity to take control of our own destiny, a right that we allowed to have bought from us, sold by that “parcel of rogues”, as Robert Burns put it, then history will judge us and our generation very harshly indeed.

I’ve had a wee gander at the better together website and it’s front page is full of lies. The lies stay on for about 5.5  seconds to allow you to read and take in their lies.

Help us ensure that Scotland says No Thanks to separation, become a Better Together activist today. SIGN UP

Of course that’s not a lie, it’s simply just a cry for help. But 5.5 seconds later they hit us with

Right now, as part of the UK we all pay into the same pension “pot” and are guaranteed the same state pension FIND OUT MORE.

The FIND OUT MORE link leads you to this crap. So what they are saying is that because we live longer, we will lose out in the pension “pot”. Are they talking of the pot of gold that the UK treasury, under Gordon Brown’s chancellorship, pilfered? On the one hand they tell us we have one of the worst, if not the worst, mortality rate in europe because we don’t eat right and lead unhealthy lifestyles. Now they are telling us that we are living longer than the rest of the UK. What complete and utter nonsense and we wont swallow it, deep-fried with batter of not. Yes it’s true that we now pay into the same pension fund, though I wouldn’t call it a pot. I’d rather pay into our own pension fund and be guaranteed the same state pension as my fellow Scots on top of the already guaranteed UK state pension. You can be sure it won’t be a penny lass than our siblings south of the border. The arithmetic is simple, like 1+1=2, 2+2=4 and our (UK pension we’ve already paid into) + (the pension we will continue to pay into post Indy) = our new improved pension which will be guaranteed to pay out more per person than our siblings south of the border. It most certainly can not be less. That simply would not add up. And let’s just be honest with ourselves. This is ours and our neighbour’s parents and Grandparents we are talking about, the same ones that we in Scotland can afford free care for when they don’t seem to be able to manage down there.

The only way to guarantee that we keep the UK pound as our currency is for Scotland to stay in the UK. FIND OUT MORE. The FIND OUT MORE link leads you to this crap.

The Isle of Man manages to use the pound and the Manx and if truth be told Scotland could use any currency it wishes. The US dollar is accepted all over the world as is the Euro. We can use the pound Sterling and there is not one thing the UK treasury could do about it. Or we could use whatever currency we like. The world is our oyster. The Isle of Man manned up and use their dual currency as did the Republic of Ireland done and many countries throughout the world do, to no detriment to their economy. More scaremongering from the negative campaign. They don’t have facts because they can’t have facts. So they make what they want up and ignore all the rest because their scaremongering is all based on hypothetical situations.  When cornered into giving any facts, they’re stuck. Because the facts don’t suit their scaremongering.

Whenever people look at and consider the issues, it becomes clear to them that Scotland can, should and must become an independent country. Consider this… If Scotland were an independent country, would you vote to join the UK. The irony is that those on the better together side mostly consist of those who want to vote to leave the EU. For Scotland, we now have no voice at the table in Europe when we would have if we were a sovereign nation, as should be the case.

One of  the most important things you can do in your life if you’re aged 16 or over on the 18th of Sept is to get out and vote. If you are giving any thought to voting NO then have yourself sectioned under the mental health act before you can do you’re country a disservice an actually vote. There was no franchise and free  referenda when our sovereignty was sold from under us at the Act of Union in 1707.

This is not about Nationalism nor is it about even patriotism. It is about self-determination. It is about governing ourselves and standing or falling by our own mistakes. We would then no longer have Mother England to blame for our problems and to the cowards among us that may seem appealing.  I’m begging our nation to show a little courage and take some responsibility for our own destiny rather than leave it to does with no wherewithal and instead leave to us who are willing.

(to be continued)

A Play dedicated to all the men and woman who took part in the Hunger Strikes, the Blanket and No wash protests.
Starring – Brian Milligan
Directed by – Alison McCrudden
Music by Joe Kelly, Noël Barr and Tomas Taylor.
Technicians – Pat Gregory, Francis McCarton and Peter Hughes.
Producers – Paddy A and Gerard Fleming.



As I’m sure most Celtic Fans will be aware the OBFCT Bill 2011 has been used and abused by Scotland‘s Police forces up and down the country to attack Celtic supporters. Fans who are left wondering why this is the case should read a fine letter Jeanette Findlay of the Celtic Trust wrote to Christine Grahame MSP. If you read the full document, you will get an idea of our concerns about this bill not only as football supporters but as Democrats, of whatever hue. We are concerned that the act will and has been used to stop fans from airing legitimate political views at or going to and from football matches. The arguments about whether or not there is a place at a socio-politico minded football club for expressions of political opinion by supporters is not up for debate here. Nor should it be. It is not the job of parliamentarians to legislate against expressions of political opinion in any arena, sporting or otherwise. That is a matter for us and we alone as Celtic supporters. I say socio-politico minded football club because of the Club’s roots. It was founded to put food on the tables of the poor of this City, and as such it’s very founding is a political act. I know some believe that the poor of this City are not worthy of such support from anyone and should be left to rot. However, that is only a political opinion, and we wouldn’t want to stop MSPs or anyone else from expressing that view. In fact, we would welcome the refreshing honesty.

You can find all the documents to download here… http://www.celtictrust.net/index.php?func=d_home_documents …at the bottom of the page. Pay particular attention to the OBFCT Data collection form. Use this form if you have become a victim of this bill so fans groups can collect data to bin this bill in 2014.

I’m going to quote the letter in full here anyway…

14 Sept 2012

Dear Ms Grahame,
I am writing to you regarding comments you made during the evidence session at the Justice Committee yesterday (13/9/11) and to seek clarification of those remarks.
During an exchange between you and Professor Tom Devine (which can be found at between 2hrs and 1minute and 2hrs and 6 minutes in the video recording) you question statistics provided by Professor Devine to the effect that Catholics are twice as likely to be the victims of sectarian aggravated assault. I think you are also arguing against his point that the existing legislation is sufficient.
You say that Professor Devine cannot use the statistics to uphold his assertion re the disproportionate number of Catholic victims of religious aggravated offences under the 2003 legislation because the existing legislation is more likely to lead to convictions of ‘Rangers fans’ and that it is not ‘even’ because ‘Celtic fans’ won’t be convicted of any offence because they are singing political songs. Professor Devine is clear that he is talking about Catholics and Protestants but you appear to interpret this as proxies for Celtic and Rangers supporters respectively.
Notwithstanding this point, there is a clear implication in this statement that there is something missing in the 2003 legislation because it does not appear to result in the same
number of convictions of Celtic supporters. Indeed you say at one point with reference to the 2003 legislation that it is ‘not even’. You appear not to consider the possibility that the reason more Rangers fans have been convicted under the 2003 Act (which is not what Professor Devine said but is nonetheless true) is because they, in large number, have sung bigoted and racist songs and Celtic fans (en masse) haven’t and don’t. To be blunt, you appear to suggest that there is something wrong with legislation that does not result in parity of numbers of arrests between Celtic supporter and Rangers supporters, ignoring, for the moment, any discussion of offensive behaviour by supporters of other teams. A number of our members as well as other Celtic supporters have concerns about the motivation for this Bill and the lack of clarity surrounding the definitions of offensive behaviour. Your comments have added to these concerns. I write to you today to ask you to reassure the public that this Bill is not, in whole or in part, motivated by a desire to see Celtic fans convicted in equal number to Rangers fans for offences specified precisely with that aim in mind.
I repeat my evidence to the Committee last week, Celtic fans do not, en masse, sing songs of hate against anyone. The only alleged ‘offensiveness’ that critics of the Celtic support are able to bring up is the singing of Republican songs. These songs, in and of themselves, are not aimed at Protestants or of adherents of any other religion, they are political in nature and, as such, the outlawing of them is potentially a breach of the right to freedom of expression. Such an unwarranted restriction of freedom of speech would, I am sure, be resisted not only by Celtic fans but by all democrats. I would add that the appropriateness of such songs being sung at a football match is an entirely separate question for Celtic supporters alone and one which does not involve any question of legality, nor does it require the scrutiny of the Parliament.
It would be unfortunate indeed if the public were left with the impression that the intention of the drafters of this Bill is to ensure that Scotland can ignore its anti-Catholic and anti-Irish problem by engineering parity of convictions between Celtic supporters and others and thereby rely on the dishonest ‘plague on both your houses’ approach which we have seen all to often.
I look forward to your reply.
Yours sincerely
Jeanette Findlay

I think that gives a fair enough although brief background to the issue. So far, I’m not aware of any reply from Ms Grahame. I will endeavour to find out and add it on to this post…

I went into Glasgow with some friends from Edinburgh and Ireland to either watch the last Celtic Vs  Huns game of last season on the box in a pub on the Gallowgate, or go to the match. It was all dependant on getting tickets for the game for us all. As it turned out the touting bastard was demanding far too much for the tickets – and he was a Celtic fan as well! – It’s cunts like that we want shot of and leave the Green Brigade lads alone. It’s the “put your head down we don’t want any bother” Tims we don’t need. Who needs enemies when you’ve got wankers like that in the stands? But that’s another matter and my views are well documented about it.

We ended up watching it in the Hoops Bar on the Gallowgate. I think we decided that it wasn’t worth just going to laugh at them again as I begin to feel a wee bit sorry for them. Then I give myself a metaphorical kick in the arse and I’m OK again – Back to doing the huddle and hating the Huns.

Anyway, After the game was over and the fans started to fill up the Gallowgate, we decanted from the Hoops Bar on the Gallowgate and tried several pubs, but as Celtic Park had decanted as well, most of the Celtic Support was on the Gallowgate and in the pubs and as usual they were all jumping and there was no room. There was a queue at the Brazen head, Gary Og was on I think and the queue was for the next on the bill. Or it was the other way around. I can’t mind surely. But the upshot was we found ourselves on the Gallowgate again but this time every pub was even fuller. We had blundered big time and it was my fault ‘cos I got us lost. I was just trying to make sure we didn’t end up on the wrong side of London Road ‘cos that would just be daft with just the three of us, colours or no. So by this time, I’m dying for a pish, or in proper Anglo, to urinate or empty my bladder. I’m walking down the Gallowgate and make the mistake of passing the Saracen Lane right next to the Sara Head pub and a fella goes up the next lane, Great Dovehill and relieves himself at the back gate of MA Sports. I then go up to follow suit but I’m wearing Jogging trousers without a zip on account of the dressing I have to wear on my leg (long story) which does not allow me to wear jeans for they are too tight. So I’m basically going to have to expose myself to do this and I’m having enough problems pishing at the best of times because I reckon I have a slight pishy infection. So I try standing at the other end of the gate from where my predecessor pished but on the same side obviously. I abandoned that idea as I felt it was too open. So I tried where he had pished. I could see his pish being absorbed by the dry dusty ground. But I couldn’t do it. It was far to open and that coupled with the time it would take me to do the pish meant it was not possible for me to attempt to emulate him. So I turn around to pick up my stick and indicate to my mates that I couldn’t do it. As I was turning round I noticed a blue gas guzzling people carrier come along Bell Street and stop and reverse and have a wee gander down Great Dovehill. I recognise in the driver street, one of Strathclyde’s finest. So I know they are gonna come down and ask me what I’m up to. No problem I thought, they’ll just do a pinks check on me and a quick search and I’m on my way.

The people carrier pulls up and I can’t remember who was driving, the big wanker with a boulder on his shoulder or the wee dumb blonde (not all blondes are dumb, just this one was) . But whatever, they jumped out Sweeney style and asked me

“Why was I pishing outside to the annoyance of others.”

“What others and I wasn’t pishing was I?” I said.

“Don’t call me a liar or you’ll get the nick right now” he promises. He gives me a final warning

“Well good! Then I’ll get a fucking pish then won’t I?”

After much arguing about whether he was lying while I was trying to get the subject on to the fact of whether I had done a pish or not. During which time I’m sure I got 3 final warnings that I would be lifted. I had even pointed out to him that the pish was dried into the dust and had clearly been done more than a few minutes ago. A fucking child could see that. I asked him to take a DNA sample from it if he was so sure of himself that it was my pish.

“What do you think I want to take a sample of your pish for?” he asks.

“To fucking prove it ya dick” “Gimme yer sample kit and I’ll dae it then”

That’s yer final warning” he repeats.

I say “Thank fuck, for I’ll get a fucking pish then. Yer no getting it are ye. I want ye tae fucking lift me” Then the daft bint pipes up

“What are you doing all the way from Motherwell in here?” they had been taking my details between our arguing.

I says “What’s it fucking look like?” pointing out my dress. Free State Training Jacket and Celtic top, Hoops an’ all.

“No need to be cheeky, I was only making conversation” she blubbers.

I said “No you were not. You were implying I was in here up to no good.” “If I said to you, when did you get yer facelift? Would you consider that just making conversation?” I continue “Respect is earned hen. It’s not dished out on plate in the copshop canteen”

As I was giving her my details, I thought I might check out the guy cop. Half caste, but there was nothing wrong with that and has no relevance. So I’m looking him square in the eye. I notice he must about 6 foot. I’m 5’8″ and he was a few inches the better of me. So I’m eyeballing him. After about 10 seconds of a staring match he says

“Don’t look at me like that”

“Don’t look at you like whit!?” I demand.

“Like you’ve been hard done too”

“I fucking have!” Another final warning. “Full of promises you are aren’t you?”

I could swear I saw just a bit of steam coming from his ears. He or she’s writing out the ticket and he’s trying to figure out what street we’re on. So he just says “The Gallowgate” and shrugs his shoulders. I guess his partner agrees but I don’t know because I’m still staring right through him. This is when I know they are making a blunder or are not taking this seriously and just want to get to fuck away from me. Cos it was on Great Dovehill which runs parallel to Saracen Lane. So they are trying to say they seen me pishing in the street, The Gallowgate no less, after a Celtic Rankers Derby, from the Junction of Bell Street and Great Dovehill. They must have x-ray vision and x10 (at least) optical zoom binoculars. There was no court in the land would convict on the say so of these two idiots. I wish I could have read their names but Robocop was illiterate and his writing was illegible. All I could glean from the ticket was they were from London Road Copshop. So if yer reading this ya pair of pricks. Yer a pair of pricks.

I eventually got a pish when I got to Motherwell Rail Station. Argyle street, predictably, never had facilities. The cunts did meet their goal. They ruined my day out. There was no way I was paying that £40 penalty. Even if it was 40p. Everyone told me, “Just pay it, it’s only £40” but anyone that knows me, knows I’m a stubborn bastard when I know I’m in the right.

Image of where Polis tried to extort money from the me

Picture of locus courtesy of Google Earth

And the letter I got from Pitt Street after I sent the ticket back saying not guilty.

letter withdrawing anti social behaviour ticket

Don’t pay it. Demand your day in court. That will soon put a stop them dishing them out.

I’ve defended myself successfully in court for refusing to pay spot fines. You only encourage them by paying them. Don’t pay. You deserve justice and your day in court. Most times they don’t even bother taking it to court. If you ever need advice on what to do when these cunts try this shite with you, just contact me and I’ll help you as much as I can. I’ll even appear on your behalf. They will not give legal aid because there is no chance of you going to jail if found guilty. That’s why I’ve been forced to act for myself in court. But I have never lost. And as I say I have never paid a spot fine in my life apart from one occasion when I didn’t want my other half to know where I was with her motor one day. Plus I was bang to rights anyway.

I’m not kidding. The more people who stand up and say no to spot fines and refuse to pay, the sooner they will stop this form of extorting money from those of us who can least afford it. It cost’s them money for  a PF, a court clerk, a fat polis, a justice of the peace and court time if you demand your day in court. For £40 or £60 or whatever it is, it’s just economic sense to just drop it. And if you are innocent, which you are, as they are asking you to pay a fine without any admission of guilt, then fight them in court. Or at least be ready to. Most likely they will withdraw the complaint. But as I say, if you are in any doubt, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do anything to help. No charge. No expenses. I just want to beat the bastards at their own game. This offer is for anyone no matter your race, creed or background.

The labour party were cock-a-hoop after an 11th hour comeback saved them at least some face after staring an SNP “tsunami” (Johann Lamont’s word, not mine) in the face. Labour were celebrating the fact that a poor turn out and STV Confusion allowed them to avoid SNP minority party victories in Glasgow, Edinburgh and North Lanarkshire. SNP still increased their lead in council seats held country-wide by 2 more than Labour increased theirs. Disaffected Limp Dem and Toxic Tory slumps in votes explained, it was claimed, how the SNP and Labour managed to increase their votes so much. Lamont claimed that,

Right across the United Kingdom, Labour has been supported to stand up for people in these very tough times.

It’s a fantastic result, we’ve now got a really important job to do, which is to make sure that government at every level governs in the interests of those who are the most vulnerable, and those who are worried about their jobs and their services. And that’s a great day for us, more importantly it is about protecting people, fighting for their priorities too.

Only problem with that line old dear is that Labour has proven itself as a party that will do the opposite of that. They have never governed in the interests of the vulnerable since it stopped being the Labour party in the mid ’80s. And since 1998, when they brought in the National Minimum Wage Act, they have taken off their sheep’s clothing and removed all pretence of even being a social democracy party of any kind and openly became the party of big business. It is their interests, corporate interests, that the Labour party looks after. The Toxic Tories and Limp Dems have shared the same bed already and so confirmed what I already knew about the Limps, even before their pretence at taking a principled stand when the SNP formed a minority Government in Scotland, the term before this present one. The fact that the SNP has proven itself as a party of Government and not a single issue party, is shown by it’s continued growth in votes across the board in local and national elections.

In North Lanarkshire, the Labour Party hung on to a majority control over us. They had all guns blazing though to achieve this. Including in Sam Love’s ward at least, paying drug addicts £10 to quickly put up “Vote Scottish Labour” posters on the street lamps. They were also offering them £10 to put leaflets through the doors of Craigneuk and surrounding areas. My source said “fuck that” or words to that affect and took his quickly earned tenner and went off with it. However, the rest mostly took on the bribe. Then of course the Labour machine was busy transporting voters to the polling stations on the day and giving them instructions on how to vote under the STV system. “Labour 1st choice candidate No. 1, Labour 2nd choice candidate No. 2, and Labour 3rd choice candidate No. 3.”

Labour were late putting their lamppost flyers up, I noticed that the SNP ones were up, put up by party activists and volunteers, about a week before Labour’s went up. Labour’s are still there waiting to be taken down. The SNP volunteers have already removed theirs. I wonder if the Labour controlled Council will remove the Labour flyers or will the Labour party attempt to round-up some addicts to do it for them. The depths the labour party and all the unionist parties will stoop to, that go way beyond realpolitik, and takes it to a completely new level that requires a new word to describe is, well, indescribable.

Over the years, I have lost friends, family and comrades to the grim reaper by misadventure, drugs, cancer, “open verdicts,” murder and brain aneurysms (or cerebral aneurysms) that have ruptured among many others. More recently I have lost friends at an alarming rate. I have had friends who are either younger than me or around the same age who have succumbed to death and left loving families and friends behind to grieve and wonder how this can be happening, me included. This is 2012, not 1952 for fucks sake.

They say people are living longer on average age. Well I don’t see much evidence of that on an average basis on the ground around me.  People are living longer but a lot of us are dying at far too young an age – at least in the world I inhabit. People that have not yet even had time to contribute to society beyond enriching people’s lives for having known them.

John Mooney
James Casey January 31, 1998
John O’Kane Killed in a knife attack Spring 1998
Gerry McDonald
Nicky Groome died on New Year day 2003
Ally O’Connor
Spencer Mackin
“Gravy” Gray
Boy Mooney
Tam Brown
Kevin Campbell

So many in between and on Monday I attended yet another of very many funerals of my friends, most of which, I have failed to mention, to my shame. There wouldn’t be enough room in any case. But in the last three months 3 people have died among my friends that have all been younger than me or around the same age.

The Funeral I attended was for Ian “Milldoo” Millar who I have known for over 20 years, as can be said for most of the people I have outlived (apart from those that have been too young for me to have known for that length of time). Quite how I have managed to outlive them is beyond me. I must have angels looking out for me or I maybe I’m that much of a pain in the arse, God or whatever deity, is in no hurry to see me any time soon. It will be me judging Him and He will have to answer to me come my day of reckoning. Believe me, I’m ready for my day in the final court of judgement. I hope for His sake, He is as ready, for I have plenty to question Him and cross-examine Him about. Though I’m agnostic so I don’t know how that’s going to work.

I do know this. Milldoo was a decent bloke. Not God-fearing or anything like that. But he was a decent bloke who, as Jesus reportedly to preached, loved his neighbour. Not because of any fear of God, but because it was the way he was. Not perfect, but hardly malicious. But the Bible says there is no place for him in heaven. Well if there is a heaven for all the God-fearing fundamentalist followers of Abrahamic religions, then it’s not the heaven I or Milldoo will be wanting any part of. You see Milldoo was gay. I don’t want any part of a xenophobic God or deity. Milldoo lived by the cornerstones of Xtianity – “Love thy neighbour as thy self”[Matthew 22:38-39] And “Love thy enemy for it’s easier to love thy enemy than it is to love thy neighbour”.[Matthew 5:43-48] He never had a bad word or held a grudge against anyone I know. Opinionated and he liked to debate robustly, but never held a grudge. He lived a good life and never harmed anyone, possessing free will, not because some book written for Jews by Jews, with bits welded on by Xtians for  them and rewritten by who was to become a Muslim for Muslims, told him how to behave and treat their fellow-man with respect.  He lived his life like that because it was natural to him. He was no saint by any manner of means, but who of us are?

The Abrahamic books didn’t tell us anyway because the books, between them are racist, sexist, vengeful, and talk about an evil God that promotes slavery, adultery, murder, mass terrorism, paedophilia, torturing people, mostly woman, to death, hypocrisy and a whole host of evil doings that would shame all the devils in hell. They are all sects of Judaism anyway. Do you really think a God of love would have anything to do with all that. However “mysterious” his motives may have been.

I only hope, if there is a day of reckoning, I will be with Milldoo and the other friends that I have lost.

I don’t bear any grudge against the people I hold responsible for these deaths. Some were accidents but I do hold those in the higher echelons of power responsible and guilty for many of the deaths – and I do bear them ill will – I know I shouldn’t and I always try to forgive, not forget mind you, but forgive. I just can’t forgive, for they do know what they are doing. They are forging a war on the working class youths of our towns and cities of these Islands.  They are trying to create an underclass and promote the working class as an artificial middle class while leaving the underclass with no way to organise and be listened to. They are marginalising them and disenfranchising them because they are left with no political voice for them. Witness the riots of last year (2011). That was the only way they felt the could express their anger at the great and the good. The Labour Whip, Frank Roy, was in office when they were creating this underclass. He has personal experience of the damage it can cause. I warned him about it not long before his Party was ousted by the Limp Dems. He took no heed and adopted the standard Whitehall stance. The blood of these young men and women are on their hands (Westminster and Whitehall) and in most cases, theirs alone.

I’m sorry to make a political point out of this sad occasion. I tried not to dwell on it but I couldn’t help myself and if I know Milldoo like I think I do, then I don’t think he would mind.

RIP Milldoo and deepest condolences to his family closest friends.



25,000 apprenticeships have us powering ahead

By Joan McAlpine on Mar 27, 12 08:00 AM in

THERE are 25,000 reasons to be optimistic about Scotland’s future. That’s the number of modern apprenticeships started this year.

And the great thing about modern apprenticeships in Scotland – unlike down south – is that every single one is linked to a real job.

With youth unemployment at unacceptable levels and London policies hammering the economy, we need to do everything we can to give the next generation the best start.

That means using the resources and talent we have so much of.

Scotland has a quarter of Europe’s tidal energy and the same amount of offshore wind. That’s a lot of clean power – much more than we need.

Scotland can export this electricity to England and Europe and ensure an income stream for decades to come.

That’s on top of a staggering £1trillion worth of oil and gas left in the North Sea, enough to last another 40 years or more.

But, of course, it’s the human face of these figures that’s most important.


We got a glimpse of tomorrow, last week at Nigg.

The site has one of the world’s largest drydocks.

It boomed in the early days of North Sea oil. Now it rises again thanks to its new owners, Global Energy.

This weekend, as the Tories gathered in Troon for two days of attacks on Scotland’s SNP government – Alex Salmond was in Nigg launching a skills academy, established with more than £900,000 of public money.

The academy will start 290 modern apprenticeships in its first year.

By 2015 it will have trained 3000 people, including engineers, operators, riggers, technicians and all the skills needed in the energy sector.

It came as another renewables giant, Gamesa, chose the Port of Leith as the preferred location for their manufacture of offshore wind turbines.

That represents a £150million investment in Scotland.

But it’s just a small slice of what’s going on.

The SNP want every council to have a skills academy like the one in Nigg.

Soon we will have a modern apprenticeship for wind turbine technicians – being developed at Carnegie College in Fife.

In Glasgow, Anniesland College will launch an academy for welders and other steel trades working in renewables – backed by the Scottish Government and Steel Engineering, a Clydeside company founded in 1932.

They lived through the boom years of shipbuilding.

Now they are creating the massive underwater structures that will carry windmills the size of skyscrapers.

This is what we mean by the re-industrialisation of Scotland. And it’s happening right now.

Now if people would simply judge the SNP on it’s record overall (yes, they’ve made the odd mistake. Who hasn’t) Then what is there to fear from independence? A loyalist told me the other day that there would be civil war, citing other countries that have won their independence followed by a civil war. The simple fact is that this is the same scaremongering that unionist parties have spouted for decades. They forget one vital point. We would be winning independence democratically with the support of the people. They  will not be voting for civil war, they will be voting for the right to run our own affairs. To paraphrase Burns “may Scotland’s wrangs be righted by Scottish hands” except he was talking about British wrangs when Britain was at war with France. He was wrong then, but in 2012, it works for Scotland.

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