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As I’m sure most Celtic Fans will be aware the OBFCT Bill 2011 has been used and abused by Scotland‘s Police forces up and down the country to attack Celtic supporters. Fans who are left wondering why this is the case should read a fine letter Jeanette Findlay of the Celtic Trust wrote to Christine Grahame MSP. If you read the full document, you will get an idea of our concerns about this bill not only as football supporters but as Democrats, of whatever hue. We are concerned that the act will and has been used to stop fans from airing legitimate political views at or going to and from football matches. The arguments about whether or not there is a place at a socio-politico minded football club for expressions of political opinion by supporters is not up for debate here. Nor should it be. It is not the job of parliamentarians to legislate against expressions of political opinion in any arena, sporting or otherwise. That is a matter for us and we alone as Celtic supporters. I say socio-politico minded football club because of the Club’s roots. It was founded to put food on the tables of the poor of this City, and as such it’s very founding is a political act. I know some believe that the poor of this City are not worthy of such support from anyone and should be left to rot. However, that is only a political opinion, and we wouldn’t want to stop MSPs or anyone else from expressing that view. In fact, we would welcome the refreshing honesty.

You can find all the documents to download here… …at the bottom of the page. Pay particular attention to the OBFCT Data collection form. Use this form if you have become a victim of this bill so fans groups can collect data to bin this bill in 2014.

I’m going to quote the letter in full here anyway…

14 Sept 2012

Dear Ms Grahame,
I am writing to you regarding comments you made during the evidence session at the Justice Committee yesterday (13/9/11) and to seek clarification of those remarks.
During an exchange between you and Professor Tom Devine (which can be found at between 2hrs and 1minute and 2hrs and 6 minutes in the video recording) you question statistics provided by Professor Devine to the effect that Catholics are twice as likely to be the victims of sectarian aggravated assault. I think you are also arguing against his point that the existing legislation is sufficient.
You say that Professor Devine cannot use the statistics to uphold his assertion re the disproportionate number of Catholic victims of religious aggravated offences under the 2003 legislation because the existing legislation is more likely to lead to convictions of ‘Rangers fans’ and that it is not ‘even’ because ‘Celtic fans’ won’t be convicted of any offence because they are singing political songs. Professor Devine is clear that he is talking about Catholics and Protestants but you appear to interpret this as proxies for Celtic and Rangers supporters respectively.
Notwithstanding this point, there is a clear implication in this statement that there is something missing in the 2003 legislation because it does not appear to result in the same
number of convictions of Celtic supporters. Indeed you say at one point with reference to the 2003 legislation that it is ‘not even’. You appear not to consider the possibility that the reason more Rangers fans have been convicted under the 2003 Act (which is not what Professor Devine said but is nonetheless true) is because they, in large number, have sung bigoted and racist songs and Celtic fans (en masse) haven’t and don’t. To be blunt, you appear to suggest that there is something wrong with legislation that does not result in parity of numbers of arrests between Celtic supporter and Rangers supporters, ignoring, for the moment, any discussion of offensive behaviour by supporters of other teams. A number of our members as well as other Celtic supporters have concerns about the motivation for this Bill and the lack of clarity surrounding the definitions of offensive behaviour. Your comments have added to these concerns. I write to you today to ask you to reassure the public that this Bill is not, in whole or in part, motivated by a desire to see Celtic fans convicted in equal number to Rangers fans for offences specified precisely with that aim in mind.
I repeat my evidence to the Committee last week, Celtic fans do not, en masse, sing songs of hate against anyone. The only alleged ‘offensiveness’ that critics of the Celtic support are able to bring up is the singing of Republican songs. These songs, in and of themselves, are not aimed at Protestants or of adherents of any other religion, they are political in nature and, as such, the outlawing of them is potentially a breach of the right to freedom of expression. Such an unwarranted restriction of freedom of speech would, I am sure, be resisted not only by Celtic fans but by all democrats. I would add that the appropriateness of such songs being sung at a football match is an entirely separate question for Celtic supporters alone and one which does not involve any question of legality, nor does it require the scrutiny of the Parliament.
It would be unfortunate indeed if the public were left with the impression that the intention of the drafters of this Bill is to ensure that Scotland can ignore its anti-Catholic and anti-Irish problem by engineering parity of convictions between Celtic supporters and others and thereby rely on the dishonest ‘plague on both your houses’ approach which we have seen all to often.
I look forward to your reply.
Yours sincerely
Jeanette Findlay

I think that gives a fair enough although brief background to the issue. So far, I’m not aware of any reply from Ms Grahame. I will endeavour to find out and add it on to this post…

I found this video of a BBC Documentary when I was putting the video of the Ballymurphy Time for Truth march together. As my viddler account  got deleted, probably due to lack of attention from myself, all the links I had put up to the video had become obsolete. I have since found out, after opening another free account with viddler, that they only hold videos on their servers for 30 days. Now I don’t know if it means they are completely deleted or whether they stay on until some other files that users saved on the server are then written over your video files. Much like your hard drive doesn’t completely delete a file until it’s written over again unless you use software that completely wipes the files from your hard drive. Whatever the case it means I’ll have to keep going back and uploading the videos each month until I can find a more permanent solution. Youtube is out because you have to chop the video into 10 minute clips.

In fact, it very well may have been a youtube up-loader that I have to thank for this video because there are parts of the video that seem to lose a bit of sound and have distorted vision for a second, suggesting that I may have put the video together again after it had been chopped. Now I don’t remember where I got it for sure. I forgot I had it until this week. I thought all my videos lost when I had to re-install windows. I’ve only got the entire avi file so if I downloaded it from youtube there would be flv files of it lying around but there isn’t. Wherever I got it from, sincere apologies for forgetting about you, and if you know who you are then thanks.

There are many points in history where you can point to and say that is where this all started from. Then you can debate it till the cows come home but in the end, there are mostly more than one defining moment that leads us all to where we are. It’s almost always impossible to pinpoint an actual event in history that has been solely responsible for the following forty years of history. To me it is a mixture of actual events and the spirit of the time that pushes and pulls us all to the state of affairs that follow. History has a nasty habit of repeating itself too on account of the human race being slow learners. Genocide continues to occur, whether it’s called ethnic cleansing, or a war on terror, despite the warnings that fascism gave us in the early part of this century or the inquisitions of the early part of the 2nd millennium. This video re-affirms for me the belief I have always felt that the main cause in starting what became known as the “troubles” was fear and ignorance. All of the protagonists had a fear of the other due to ignorance. That allowed for things to develop the way they did. But ultimately, the unionist fears were that they would lose their status and that Catholics were just ready to reap bloody revenge from them at the first opportunity. The catholic and indigenous community feared that the unionist community was going to finish them off. The rhetoric from Ian Paisley and his Ulster Constitution Defence Committee was inflammatory and they had open links with Gusty Spence’s newly re-created UVF. They were set up three years before. Any observer would be forgiven for thinking the catholic and indigenous community were on the verge of being driven out of the orange statelet by any and all means necessary. For them, the fear was very, very real and tangible. For the unionist community the fears had already been shown up as based on false information and so now were irrational.

They initially had the unionist working class protestants believe that the IRA were planning an uprising in the run up to the 50th Anniversary of the Easter 1916 rising. They even had some conservative Catholics fearful of it. The fact that the IRA were nothing much more than a recreational club who studied politics and were heavily influenced by Marxism and who were positively against any kind of sectarianism or racism whatsoever, was lost on them. That fact only served to worry the already duped conservative Catholics more so. They had no arms to speak of and those that were hidden after the border campaign (1956-62), couldn’t be found because those that hid them had ether died since or had simply forgotten where they had stashed them. Any that could be found were in such a state of disrepair due to corrosion and neglect that they were useless. In total, they could only muster 3 hand guns and a Lee Enfield rifle. Besides, they didn’t want to get involved with a sectarian conflict so much that, they were reluctant to even involve themselves in defending catholic areas and communities during and after with the rioting that blew up all over the six counties in support of the bogsiders. This in turn led to graffiti appearing in catholic areas that read “IRA = I RAN AWAY”. In Belfast, loyalists burned out Bombay Street and 7 people were killed in rioting that had erupted there, to take the pressure off the bogsiders by dragging the RUC and the B-specials’ full attention away to stretch their resources.

This was all in response to a year of violence perpetrated by loyalists against the Civil Rights movement. It’s stressed that the Civil Rights Movement were campaigning for civil rights for all the six county citizens and not just  the Catholics. Evidenced by the presence in the movement of moderate protestants, such as Ivan Cooper the SDLP MP for Derry, as well as Catholics and non Christians. For the whole of 1968, the movement had been subject to harassment by the authorities, violent attacks from loyalists backed up by the B-specials and regular RUC, culminating in the attack at Burntollet Bridge (see google video), near the end of a civil rights march from Belfast to Derry that set out from Belfast on the 1st January 1969. If the catholic community or any independent observer were in any doubt about the legitimacy of the civil rights movement and the nefarious intentions of the Unionist community’s leaders and loyalists, then those doubts evaporated then.

So here’s the video of the Battle of the Bogside…

If the embedded video is missing, please contact me either through the comments or other means and, I will be able to fix it. Thanks.

It was a miserable morning when I got up and dragged myself out of bed as usual to let the carer in for my mum to get washed and dressed. With it being a Saturday, the carer comes in a little later to allow my mum a wee bit of an extra lie in. Not much mind you, but enough to worry me that I might be rushed to get to the march assembly point for 11:30 assembly and 12:00 march beginning. But she came about 10:30 and I was already waiting and had tea and breakfast organised along with my mum’s medication. This gave me enough time to leave at 10:45 to meet up with friends and comrades at Bellshill cross around 11:10, allowing us just enough time to make it to Coatbridge for assembly. The rain was lashing down one minute and then the next the sun would be splitting the trees, only to start lashing it down again. We didn’t even get the solacement of a rainbow.

When we got near the assembly point on Coats Street, you would hardly think there was a march going to take place at all, much less an Irish Republican one, and arguably now, the main Cairde na hÉireann march on the Scots/Irish Republican Calendar. With the truth having come out now about Bloody Sunday, our focus of attention has shifted to the Ballymurphy Massacre and that has manifested itself in the attendance for this march expected to far outstrip any other. It’s an issue that still, 40 years on, remains unresolved with no closure for the families. The very same regiment mainly responsible for Bloody Sunday, 1st Parachute Regiment of the British Army, are also indicted by the Republican Movement and all fair-minded independent commentators and correspondents of the “troubles”  and peace process in Ireland over the last 46 years. So it’s particularly relevant from a British and International perspective, that this crime against humanity be recorded as such. So as I said, this march has now become the main Scots/Irish Republican march on the calendar but there was hardly any police presence at all. If we didn’t know better, we would think that the march subject to cancellation without us being told. But we did know better and it turned out that the weather, as you will see, had driven the march followers to stay in shelter from the elements until nearer the start of the march. That didn’t explain the lack of Strathclyde’s finest on every street corner and every 25 yards along the streets approaching the assembly point. It was almost surreal going to a Scots/Irish Republican march without being stopped and searched at least twice during the 5 minutes walk to the assembly point and hardly seeing any police presence there at all. All became clear at the end when informed by Jim Slaven that the police had reduced their numbers for policing the march by half and it was clear that the police were adopting a light touch to policing the marchers and followers. It appeared that we were to have our own stewards be allowed to keep order who, unfairly in my opinion, come in for some stick by some of the march participants. No one likes being pushed around by any form of authority, especially Republicans and those of us of the younger generation, but I’d rather be pushed around by one of our own than one of the filth.

A comrade told me that there was a counter demonstration by Loyalist/Fascists but I honestly never seen or heard them. They cannot be seen or heard on any of the videos or pics I took. My comrade tells me that there were only about a dozen of them there and I’ve no reason to disbelieve his figures. I hope they all got home safely and were not attacked by Republicans on the hunt for stragglers. Just like the loyalists did to two, at least, people I know of at the hungers strike commemorative march in Glasgow this year. Luckily the scumbags had the brains to not have weapons on them on that occasion as they would undoubtedly have been searched by the police so they probably decided it was safer to leave their blades at home. The upshot was that around 8-9 Loyalists were unable to inflict much damage of note to two Republican stragglers who had become separated from the march. Let this be a lesson. If you are going to straggle, be ready and split into two groups, close to each other. When one comes under attack, the old trick of bringing in reinforcements close by, and take the bastards by surprise and kick 7 shades of shite out of them. Or wear good running shoes.

Anyway, the march went off peacefully as usual, but on this occasion, there were no complaints about the policing of the march and there were no negatives to report – apart from the weather – but it cleared up after the march began.

We mustn’t forget the reason for this march, the Ballymurphy Massacre when over the period of 3 days, a concerted effort to shock and stun the civilian population with orders from the top, in line with the new internment laws allowing that innocent people be arrested and detained without charge indefinitely, resulted in the murder of 11 innocent people. These included a Parish Priest and a 45-year-old Mother of 8. 1st Para were let loose and encouraged to do this with impunity. This gave them the green light to go ahead and commit the more widely known atrocity known as Bloody Sunday. Had these animals been brought to account for their actions in Ballymurphy, they very well may not have had the green light to commit the atrocity in Derry 5 months later. That’s why this march is of such importance. After 40 years the families are still awaiting justice for their families. Their were 9 representatives of the victim’s families at the march and their presence is greatly appreciated to raise awareness of this crime against humanity. Included in the delegation was the daughter of Joan Connolly (50) Irene Connolly, and she gave a speech at the end of the march it was very emotional for her and it is quite hard to make her out. I’ve tried to boost the sound so she is heard and understood clearly but she gave an excellent and humble but spirited speech. It’s important that the families’ message gets out, everywhere across the Celtic Isles.

Recently trouble has flared after the met police force shot dead a youth in circumstances as yet not confirmed. The riots that have ensued since that death, on Thursday, although  not entirely due to the death itself but to the poor treatment of working class families, whatever race, by this Government. The disorder has left England in a state of shock since the killing of Mark Duggan (29) in Tottenham. This sort of thing happened in the six counties regularly and it just goes to show how restrained the republican movement has been over the years. We were just expected to put up with it, but they don’t put up  with it in England do they?

Enjoy the Video of the march.

Footnote: I forgot to mention that the two republican stragglers I know who were set upon by a gang of Loyalist/Fascists, were helped by protestant clergy or elders, who gave them money to get a taxi to Buchanan Street bus station safely. That is what Christianity is supposed to be about. So all you ignorant orange bastards take note.  The faith you are supposedly marching for every year to celebrate the right to practice, flies in the face of everything the Orange institution stands for. Thanks to the protestant church members for helping my friend out in their time of need.  Be assured that my two friends do not bear anyone ill will on account of their faith. In fact, they are both of different faiths themselves.

I have lost count of the times the great unwashed have given rise to decent footy supporters supporting Celtic players and managers. Now even fellow supporters have become the victim of the great unwashed. Nothing new there right enough. I’ve lost count of the times when people have been attacked and even murdered in this institutionalised and establishment racist land of ours. Namely Alba – Scotland to the great unwashed.

Now they have sent pipe bombs to Neil Lennon, Trish Godman, and Paul McBride. Paul could wipe the floor with Donald Finley and I bet these Neanderthals would do good to enlist the services of Paul when and if they ever get brought before a court. There’s no doubt that they are Scottish and have had instructions on how to make the pipe bombs. They couldn’t even construct them properly as they were described by Strathclyde’s finest as “crude devices”. If the devices were sent from the six counties, although they wouldn’t have done any harm, they were just meant to be frighteners in an attempt to intimidate the recipients, they would not have been described as crude. They were described as “viable” so the instructions on how to assemble them have most likely come from Loyalist Paramilitaries.

Obviously the Celtic fans have shown that they are an exceptional band of family. Special mention must go to the Green Brigade as it is them that organise these shows of support. It’s a pity that the Celtic board don’t appreciate them for what they are. The Press too have to take their share of the blame over this. The Daily Express ran a story with absolutely no evidence to back it up. They told us that the Real IRA were using Celtic games as cover to recruit members in Scotland. Absolute bollox. The IRA of any hue would never undertake such an operation. They simply can’t trust British based members to keep their mouth shut. To be fair, they will recruit members for the 32CSM and the Contos have had a branch for some time in Glasgow. But there is no way they would involve them in military operations. On top of the that the Express put a picture of the Green Brigade banner being held by Celtic fans in a football ground in an obvious attempt to link the Green Brigade with the story. Nothing could be further from the truth. If the Daily Express has evidence for their story then let them show it. It is no coincidence that the pipe bomb attempt came only a matter of just over a week after the Express ran the story. So the Daily Express has colluded with criminals in attempt to harm decent Celtic personnel and prominent fans. They should hang themselves in shame and issue a public apology. We won’t hold our breath. But the rag, editor and reporter have opened themselves up to similar attacks.

Personally, I hope the attack hits its targets.

Ken O’Keefe was a US marine who renounced his US citizenship in favour of more deserving nations of his citizenship. As his story unfolds, it becomes clear that could and, in my opinion should, have killed three Isreali Commandos. It is my belief the killing  of any Zionist supporter of Israel, whether they support them through arms, money or words, should be killed. They will never understand the nature of what they are doing. There is no possibility in negotiating with them. I am utterly convinced of the sheer futility of gaining human rights for Palestine and the Gaza strip through dialogue. I’m afraid the last resort is the only one available. Israel must be disarmed of nuclear weapons and conscription must be stopped. They are an aggressive nation. They must have no standing Army. They must dissolve their regime and allow Palestinians and their descendants to their homeland. Then, with full franchise, they must have fair elections and whomsoever wins that election shall run the country. That is the single state solution. The only one that can possibly work.

In his own words:

I have for many years understood that we, people of conscience, are the true holders of power in this world. Frustratingly however we have largely relinquished that power and failed to reach our full potential.  Our potential to create a better world, a just world.  Nonetheless I have conspired with others of like mind to reveal and exercise our true power.  In 2002 I initiated the TJP Human Shield Action to Iraq because I knew that the invasion of Iraq had been planned well in advance, that it was part of a ‘Global Spectrum Dominance’ agenda as laid out by the Project For A New American Century.

I knew that protests had no chance of stopping the invasion, and that largely these protests were just a way of making us feel better about the coming mass murder; by being able to say I protested against it.  With that understanding I argued that the only viable way to stop the invasion was to conduct a mass migration to Iraq.  A migration in which people from around the world, especially western citizens, would position themselves at sites in Iraq that are supposed to be protected by international law, but which are routinely bombed when it is only Iraqi, Palestinian, generally non-white, western lives who will be killed.  I felt 10,000 such people could stop the invasion, or at the very least, expose the invasion for what it was from the start, an act of international aggression, a war crime and a crime against humanity.

When our two double-decker buses travelled from London to Baghdad through Turkey, it was ever clear that the people of Turkey also could sense the power of this act, and they were the biggest participants in it.  In the end we did not get the numbers required to stop the war, with at least one million Iraqi’s dead as a result, but I remain convinced that it was within our power to prevent the invasion.  A massive opportunity lost as far as I am concerned.

In 2007 I joined the Free Gaza Movement with its plan to challenge the blockade of Gaza by travelling to Gaza by sea.  From the moment I heard of the plan I knew it could succeed and ultimately I served as a captain on the first attempt.  The Israeli government said throughout our preparation that we were no better than pirates and they would treat us as such.  They made clear we would not reach Gaza.  And still I knew we could succeed.  And we did.  Two boats with 46 passengers from various countries managed to sail into Gaza on August 23, 2010; this was the first time this had been done in 41 years.  The truth is the blockade of Gaza is far more than three years old, and yet we, a small group of conscientious people defied the Israeli machine and celebrated with tens of thousands of Gazans when we arrived that day.  We proved that it could be done.  We proved that an intelligent plan, with skilled manipulation of the media, could render the full might of the Israeli Navy useless.  And I knew then that this was only the tip of the iceberg.

So participating in the Freedom Flotilla is like a family reunion to me.  It is my long lost family whose conscience is their guide, who have shed the fear, who act with humanity.  But I was especially proud to join IHH and the Turkish elements of the flotilla.  I deeply admire the strength and character of the Turkish people, despite your history having stains of injustice, like every nation, you are today from citizen to Prime Minister among the leaders in the cause of humanity and justice.

I remember being asked during the TJP Human Shield Action to Iraq if I was a pacifist, I responded with a quote from Gandhi by saying I am not a passive anything.  To the contrary I believe in action, and I also believe in self-defence, 100%, without reservation.  I would be incapable of standing by while a tyrant murders my family, and the attack on the Mavi Marmara was like an attack on my Palestinian family.  I am proud to have stood shoulder to shoulder with those who refused to let a rogue Israeli military exert their will without a fight.  And yes, we fought.

When I was asked, in the event of an Israeli attack on the Mavi Mamara, would I use the camera, or would I defend the ship?  I enthusiastically committed to defence of the ship.  Although I am also a huge supporter of non-violence, in fact I believe non-violence must always be the first option.  Nonetheless I joined the defence of the Mavi Mamara understanding that violence could be used against us and that we may very well be compelled to use violence in self-defence.

I said this straight to Israeli agents, probably of Mossad or Shin Bet, and I say it again now, on the morning of the attack I was directly involved in the disarming of two Israeli Commandos.  This was a forcible, non-negotiable, separation of weapons from commandos who had already murdered two brothers that I had seen that day.  One brother with a bullet entering dead center in his forehead, in what appeared to be an execution.  I knew the commandos were murdering when I removed a 9mm pistol from one of them.  I had that gun in my hands and as an ex-US Marine with training in the use of guns it was completely within my power to use that gun on the commando who may have been the murderer of one of my brothers.  But that is not what I, nor any other defender of the ship did.  I took that weapon away, removed the bullets, proper lead bullets, separated them from the weapon and hid the gun.  I did this in the hopes that we would repel the attack and submit this weapon as evidence in a criminal trial against Israeli authorities for mass murder.

I also helped to physically separate one commando from his assault rifle, which another brother apparently threw into the sea.  I and hundreds of others know the truth that makes a mockery of the brave and moral Israeli military.  We had in our full possession, three completely disarmed and helpless commandos.  These boys were at our mercy, they were out of reach of their fellow murderers, inside the ship and surrounded by 100 or more men.  I looked into the eyes of all three of these boys and I can tell you they had the fear of God in them.  They looked at us as if we were them, and I have no doubt they did not believe there was any way they would survive that day.  They looked like frightened children in the face of an abusive father.

But they did not face an enemy as ruthless as they.  Instead the woman provided basic first aid, and ultimately they were released, battered and bruised for sure, but alive.  Able to live another day.  Able to feel the sun over head and the embrace of loved ones.  Unlike those they murdered.  Despite mourning the loss of our brothers, feeling rage towards these boys, we let them go.   The Israeli prostitutes of propaganda can spew all of their disgusting bile all they wish, the commandos are the murderers, we are the defenders, and yet we fought.  We fought not just for our lives, not just for our cargo, not just for the people of Palestine, we fought in the name of justice and humanity.  We were right to do so, in every way.

While in Israeli custody I, along with everyone else was subjected to endless abuse and flagrant acts of disrespect.  Women and elderly were physically and mentally assaulted.  Access to food and water and toilets was denied.  Dogs were used against us, we ourselves were treated like dogs.  We were exposed to direct sun in stress positions while hand cuffed to the point of losing circulation of blood in our hands.  We were lied to incessantly, in fact I am awed at the routineness and comfort in their ability to lie, it is remarkable really.  We were abused in just about every way imaginable and I myself was beaten and choked to the point of blacking out… and I was beaten again while in my cell.

In all this what I saw more than anything else were cowards… and yet I also see my brothers.  Because no matter how vile and wrong the Israeli agents and government are, they are still my brothers and sisters and for now I only have pity for them.  Because they are relinquishing the most precious thing a human being has, their humanity.

In conclusion; I would like to challenge every endorser of Gandhi, every person who thinks they understand him, who acknowledges him as one of the great souls of our time (which is just about every western leader), I challenge you in the form of a question.  Please explain how we, the defenders of the Mavi Marmara, are not the modern example of Gandhi’s essence?  But first read the words of Gandhi himself.

I do believe that, where there is only a choice between cowardice and violence, I would advise violence…. I would rather have India resort to arms in order to defend her honour than that she should, in a cowardly manner, become or remain a helpless witness to her own dishonour. – Gandhi

And lastly I have one more challenge. I challenge any critic of merit, publicly, to debate me on a large stage over our actions that day.  I would especially love to debate with any Israeli leader who accuses us of wrongdoing, it would be my tremendous pleasure to face off with you.  All I saw in Israel was cowards with guns, so I am ripe to see you in a new context.  I want to debate with you on the largest stage possible.  Take that as an open challenge and let us see just how brave Israeli leaders are.

The original video of Ken’s interview had been removed from youtube so I found another more up to date interview with him…

Remember Remember the 12th of November. It’s the day you’ll be asked to vote for your Westminster parliamentary representative. It’s Labour’s seat to lose but consider this, people of Springburn et el, for 74 years you have voted consistently for a party who in return have done what exactly?

Another thing you might want to consider is who exactly you are getting into bed with if you vote Labour.

Orange Order Backs Labour

That’s all. Think before you vote! Whatever you do, please don’t vote unionist.

Link to BBC Panorama

Should be interesting…

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