Here I will give links to downloadable rebel music files, my full collection. Although I offer it up to you for free, please spare a thought for those that have made the music and try to buy a CD from them if you like what you hear. Also, it’s getting pricey to keep this place ad-free, which it will remain, so I need an online server to host the media – the Films, Documentaries, Docudrama, Six Counties related videos and music. It’s important to get the message of hope out there.

Hopefully I want to make this place a news channel with a Éireannaigh agus Albannach republican slant. It’s unrepentant Fenian and unashamed Scottish Socialist Republican. Because of that, there will be a bias. However, I’ve never been one for ducking when our guys fuck up. I have always stood up and said things when I felt they needed said, however unpalatable it maybe.   I’m a an unaligned socialist, but I will align myself with anyone that I see will improve the lot of the proletariat. I believe in Permanent Revolution. More on that in the blog.

I will give credit when I can. If you see your work here then please don’t hesitate to contact me and I will do your willing, whether it be taking the piece down immediately or giving you full credit. Of Course this is a non=profit set up and any donations will go back into the site, the books will be available for anyone to look at upon request. Any surplus will go into charities when a substantial amount is allowed to accumulate in the bank.. That’s further down the line but I’ve planned ahead for when. The Charity will have to have full consensus as will any purchases made. We don’t want me walking in with another generation MAC because it fucking looks cool.

At the moment, this is a person show, so help, of any kind would be helpful and appreciated.  As I have said, this project has a number of aims since it’s lowly beginnings as a humble blog were I spewed out my Random Ramblings –  Ramblings they were. It was just for fun and therapeutic.

We are going to try and convince as many unionists and die-hard unionists/Loyalists/Fascists that they have nothing to fear from Independence and change them into don’t knows, and leave the voting to those of us who have a plan for a just, socialist democratic party to come to the fore and make slow but sweeping changes to make this country of ours a Democratic Socialist Country. All the don’t knows just need a tiny wee shove and we have them in the bag. What we can’t do is sit with our hands clasped under our arses and hope everyone see sense in the end and Vote’s YES. That’s not going to happen. We wan’t Westminster to fall to pieces, metaphorically. We want them [the Scottish Electorate] to not take Westminster Elections importantly. They are already becoming a joke. Holyrood, once a joke when the clowns were running it, just a different colour of clowns, are running Westminster now.  When Holyrood is superseded by the thinkers, that’s when we can make huge leaps in the YES campaign.

We can’t afford to be bogged down in what currency we will use. Trade will not be a problem if left alone by the plutocracy. But with even them, as a pimp loses control over his whores or rent-boys, they will fail for we will not be intimidated. We have one of the, if not the, biggest green industry in the world. We can export water, oil, clean energy and more besides. We can re-industrialise using these head-starters we have. Cuba managed for so long on it’s own. We can trade with them and other South American countries at a fair deal for the small farmer and a fair deal for us…

Media files to follow…

As Promised…

Right Click and save as, or just click and listen. All mp3s unless otherwise stated

Pol MacAdaim – Internationale in Gaeilge 

Alistair Hulett  – International in his own Scots.

Eire og – Sam song

Eire og – Prisoners Anthem

Eire og – Loughall Martyrs

Eire og – Irish National anthem.mp3

Eire Og – Go On Home British Soldiers Go 0n Home

Eire Og – Derry

Eire Og – Crumlin Jail

Eire Og – Bloody Sunday

Eire Og –  A Nation Once Again

David Kincaid – Free and Green.mp3

David Kincaid – Boys that Wore the Green.mp3

Charlie and the Bhoys – Who the fuck Gazza.mp3

Charlie and the bhoys – Loughall Ambush.mp3

Charlie and the bhoys – G0 on Home British Soldiers.mp3

Charlie and the Bhoys -Give Ireland Back to the Irish.mp3

Charlie and the bhoys – Fields of Athenry.mp3

Charlie and the Bhoys -Bring them home.mp3

More to follow…

Ar An Phluid — On The Blanket

 A Play dedicated to all the men and woman who took part in the Hunger Strikes, the Blanket and No wash protests.

Starring – Brian Milligan
Directed by – Alison McCrudden
Music by Joe Kelly, Noël Barr and Tomas Taylor.
Technicians – Pat Gregory, Francis McCarton and Peter Hughes.
Producers – Paddy A and Gerard Fleming.

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