Don’t use them, Paddy is the only one you can trust. The wee fat Cowan wouldn’t even take me and my mum. who had mobility problems. down the road. When I asked him why, He said “If you don’t know then that’s all the more reason why I’m not letting you in this cab”. He’s from the same area where I was reared up from 6 to 18. I was 44 years old at this time. Maybe I threw snowballs at him 20 odd years ago and he has received counseling since. But that’s just petty and by the by. I continued to use Redline faithfully and loyally for over 25 years. I was responsible through my guests, myself and family for nearly £3000 annually. But in the week ending 30th of May 3 cabs allegedly did not receive their fare money. You would think that they would simply warn drivers to take payment up front. If a passenger doesn’t have enough cash on him and has to go into his house to retrieve money to pay the fare, surely the driver need only need some collateral until the passenger returns with the money. (What taxi driver doesn’t do that as standard practice?) Anyway to lift the “blacklist” on my number, I went to the office and paid £12 to cover the three fares. one of which has since been repaid to me. The chap maintains that the taxi didn’t wait for him to come back with the fare. I asked the girl in the office to take my personal details and a password and we agreed that I would be removed from the “blacklist”. We agreed that no taxi was order was to be accepted from my number without my full name and password being used. This was all acceptable but I was having problems ordering a taxi from them. Some of the bovine group in their office didn’t get that I was now removed from the blacklist despite holding a receipt for the fares that they claimed had not been paid. After a few days everything seemed back to normal except it was only I that was getting a taxi so revenue drops from nearly 3 grand a year to under £600 a year. Yesterday — 5th June — the lying cows tried to say that a hire had not been paid the day after I had paid the £12 on the Thursday of last week. They also said that a password could not be set up except for a contract. For all intents and purposes I had a contract with them. It was only them I phoned. Besides they breached their verbal contract with me when I paid their fares — even though I was not legally obliged to — on the condition that the blacklist be lifted and the password protocol put in place. The first liar told that I was back on the blacklist because a Taxi had been “bumped” on the 5th. She told me it wasn’t from my phone number but from another phone,,evidently a mobile. The second fat cow who was there,,she said, when I paid the £12 tried to change the story to that the was ordered from my number. She denied any knowledge of the password agreement I had made with them when I paid the money. So they have simply used me as a debt collector for their unpaid bills. They don’t know that I charge £20 an hour for that kind of service and it took me 2.5 hours to do it. So they owe me the £12 as I only undertook the fare payment under the circumstances described. They failed in that regard so I will be seeking that money back. Then of course the collection fee which I would have waived had I not been lied to, brings the total they owe me to £32
People stick with United and Maxicabs, For a £3:00 journey in a Redline cab, it will cost you only £2:60 – £2:70. So it’s not 266633 but 266333. That one digit makes a lot difference to your purse. And you receive a better service. Apart from Paddy of course. The other United numbers are 357070 if you’re in Wishaw or you can phone Maxi cabs as they together on the same radio and their number is 842525 and of course if you’re in Motherwell phone — TWO DOUBLE SIX TREBLE THREE — 266333.
Good luck and always remember to put you’re seatbelt on when you get in a cab. .it should become automatic.

The labour party were cock-a-hoop after an 11th hour comeback saved them at least some face after staring an SNP “tsunami” (Johann Lamont’s word, not mine) in the face. Labour were celebrating the fact that a poor turn out and STV Confusion allowed them to avoid SNP minority party victories in Glasgow, Edinburgh and North Lanarkshire. SNP still increased their lead in council seats held country-wide by 2 more than Labour increased theirs. Disaffected Limp Dem and Toxic Tory slumps in votes explained, it was claimed, how the SNP and Labour managed to increase their votes so much. Lamont claimed that,

Right across the United Kingdom, Labour has been supported to stand up for people in these very tough times.

It’s a fantastic result, we’ve now got a really important job to do, which is to make sure that government at every level governs in the interests of those who are the most vulnerable, and those who are worried about their jobs and their services. And that’s a great day for us, more importantly it is about protecting people, fighting for their priorities too.

Only problem with that line old dear is that Labour has proven itself as a party that will do the opposite of that. They have never governed in the interests of the vulnerable since it stopped being the Labour party in the mid ’80s. And since 1998, when they brought in the National Minimum Wage Act, they have taken off their sheep’s clothing and removed all pretence of even being a social democracy party of any kind and openly became the party of big business. It is their interests, corporate interests, that the Labour party looks after. The Toxic Tories and Limp Dems have shared the same bed already and so confirmed what I already knew about the Limps, even before their pretence at taking a principled stand when the SNP formed a minority Government in Scotland, the term before this present one. The fact that the SNP has proven itself as a party of Government and not a single issue party, is shown by it’s continued growth in votes across the board in local and national elections.

In North Lanarkshire, the Labour Party hung on to a majority control over us. They had all guns blazing though to achieve this. Including in Sam Love’s ward at least, paying drug addicts £10 to quickly put up “Vote Scottish Labour” posters on the street lamps. They were also offering them £10 to put leaflets through the doors of Craigneuk and surrounding areas. My source said “fuck that” or words to that affect and took his quickly earned tenner and went off with it. However, the rest mostly took on the bribe. Then of course the Labour machine was busy transporting voters to the polling stations on the day and giving them instructions on how to vote under the STV system. “Labour 1st choice candidate No. 1, Labour 2nd choice candidate No. 2, and Labour 3rd choice candidate No. 3.”

Labour were late putting their lamppost flyers up, I noticed that the SNP ones were up, put up by party activists and volunteers, about a week before Labour’s went up. Labour’s are still there waiting to be taken down. The SNP volunteers have already removed theirs. I wonder if the Labour controlled Council will remove the Labour flyers or will the Labour party attempt to round-up some addicts to do it for them. The depths the labour party and all the unionist parties will stoop to, that go way beyond realpolitik, and takes it to a completely new level that requires a new word to describe is, well, indescribable.

The Times On-line have finally picked up on what I’ve been going on about with regard to the FOI giving blanket protection to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family who rule as the royal family in Britain and the Commonwealth. At last some one else has taken notice though they have lifted the story from The Republic Magazine. Frank Roy MP, representing Blu Labour in the constituency of Motherwell and Wishaw thinks that members of the royal household can lobby ministers for increases in the civil list, planning applications and any other whim that takes his fancy without our scrutiny. Now if he was lobbying ministers about personal matters like any other private person, then he would be entitled to privacy but when he is lobbying ministers on government policies, we must be able to scrutinise who he is lobbying, how much of our money is he investing in bribes, and what public interest policies is he exactly lobbying for.

To have a blanket ban on all FOI requests gives him far too much power and lack of accountability for an unelected person. Frank Roy thinks he deserves the same right to privacy as the rest of us. Well he then should be subject to the same kind of scrutiny as the rest of us. Especially as we are paying for it.

It really is a no brainer. A child can see the logic of the argument, which means that we would be better off with a child representing any other organisation in Motherwell and Wishaw than Frankie representing Blu Labour in our constituency.

Frank Roy, one time chanter of rebel songs and supporter of the republican movement has managed to make the long but almost overnight journey to rabid Royalist. This cad is not in it to represent anyone’s interests but his own and anyone in Motherwell and Wishaw who votes for him should think carefully about what they are voting for. Whatever you do, don’t vote for the red Tories, and don’t be fooled by the new colourful tree-hugging Tories. They are even more like fascists than the Thatcherites.

My illustrious MP has finally favoured me with a response though it only reached me today. Funnily enough, it was dated 22nd of December, a day after I emailed a reminder with a link to the last Blog entry. It was concise, I’ll give him that.

Dear Rebel Rambler,

Thank you for your email of 13th December.

I would like to clarify to you that had I been able to as a backbench MP, I would not have signed EDM 83.

I believe that the Royal Household should be exempt from Freedom of Information requests where those requests relate to communications between the Monarch and Government Ministers. I also believe that there should remain exemptions relating to any private and personal aspects of any member of the royal families life, just as there are exemptions for every member of the public in that respect.

In relation to the Civil list, I can confirm that I will support the decisions reached by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on payment levels.

I trust this clarifies my position.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Roy MP

So basically this one time chanter of rebel songs, like John Reid, has re-invented himself as a rabid royalist for monarchy’s  sake. It does not matter that his constituents are being asked to tighten their belts and take pay cuts. He cares not a jot that his constituents do NOT have exemptions relating to private lobbying of government ministers as his party intends to give to the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family. Nor do they have their income protected by law in such a way that Parliament can’t reduce their Civil List payment and can only increase it. Guess what they are doing this year. Yes that’s right, they are increasing it, at the same time that cold weather payments are being denied to the poorest and most needy in our communities, up and down this bastard UK, on the flimsiest of excuses and by using technicalities to avoid payments that are due to the most deserving cases. Will this monkey cunt lose sleep over that? No will he fuck.

Well I am going to take up brother Francis’ (He was in the AOH) challenge and make it my mission that he does not take the Motherwell and Wishaw seat. I don’t yet know how I’m going to do it but I’m going to give it my best fucking shot so as the old adage goes, “where there’s muck there’s brass,” it is also true that where there is brass there will almost certainly be muck and I intend to find it. This tosser can’t go around acting like a cunt all his life without leaving evidence somewhere.

So game on Frankie boy.